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The Ombudsman and me!

I’ve been rather preoccupied since 15th June 2009, when I received a bombshell letter from the Head of Investigations, a member of the Wales Public Service Ombudsman. I learnt that the Ombudsman considered that I had been contradictory and there was “prime face evidence that I have or may have broken two of the council’s codes of conduct”. An investigation would be carried out. On 3rd June, I had volunteered a statement to offer support to a very knowledgeable and experienced Cllr who had been accused also of breaking council codes over how he had conducted himself at a Head of Housing Selection panel last February. As I had been a panel member, I did not think he had broken any code. Knowing the misery, stress and loneliness of being accused of breaking rules in a former life, I knew it was my duty to stand up and tell it how it was! Big mistake! I then was caught up in the Ombudsman’s web and soon discovered that his office gives him immense and really frightening powers. A councillor “must comply with any request of the Ombudsman or the Monitoring Officer in connection with an investigation Code 6.2.” “Any request” …..

National Assembly for Wales

Alison’s work with the National Assemly for Wales incorporated a variety of work. Some of the photoshoots from those days can be viewed below.

Firearms Chief Caught with Unlicensed Ammunition

“Firearms chief caught with unlicensed ammunition. (Jan 23 2007 by Gareth Hughes, Daily Post) The head of North Wales Police’s firearms unit yesterday admitted having ammunition he was not licensed to keep.” Download the pdf of the full article below: [download#3] From the Blog PPP written by citizens who are “concerned about the direction policing is going in North Wales”