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No Supa Pub for Ewloe

Ewloe proposed Supa Pub application was rejected by a handsome majority to Flintshire’s Planning Committee yesterday. No Christmas card will be sent by my residents to the Queensferry councillor who pushed hard for the pub to go ahead but lost his motion with the most helpful contributions by several members but mostly by the sound common sense from Chris Bithell, Mold East Ward. Queensferry councillor was on his feet the second our Planning Officer had described the reason why his officers were supporting this application. The Planners though the pub would complement the wider employment site, 50 to 70 jobs were promised and yes, Ewloe was recognised as having a history of parking problems but 81 gated parking spaces would not exacerbate the problem. No mention was made of this provision being less than the number of spaces (114), specified in the Council’s Parking standards and no mention was made of further displacement onto these congested roads by placing double yellow lines into the hammerhead that runs beside the HSOB offices that would become the way into the pub site. That is part of a veryt busy ATM service. The weakest part of the Planning case was that the land …..