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Controversy of Preferential Interest

Moscow and St. Petersburg have been added to my travel experience over the summer and the Hermitage was stunning, with world artists and all sorts of treasurers vying for attention. Unusually, SAGA travel, (Sex and Games Abroad) got quite a few things wrong and several clients have decided not to travel with them again. Back home, it took days to get to grips with the emails and correspondence and then it was council business as usual with an Audit Committee meeting scheduled for 24th September. The papers were a heavy read although lightened by the exclusion of A & D Waste and Clwyd Theatr Cymru accounts. Flintshire’s external auditors, PricewaterhouseCoopers were unfazed by these omissions. After some heavy mutterings, things are only going to get better as our chief Executive has engaged someone to look carefully at how this waste business is operated. (Long overdue in the opinion of several people I represent!).

Save our P.O.

SAVE OUR POST OFFICE! Since Labour came to power, 1 in every 4 Post Offices has been closed, with another 2500 to be shut down over the next 12 months. It won’t be until October that we know whether the Ewloe Post Office is going to close for ever. Local Conservative, Will Gallagher, is leading a campaign to save our post-offices, because he believes they provide vital services, particularly to the most, vulnerable people in our society. `To close the village post office would be to rip’ the heart out of the community. I can’t believe that our local MP, Mark Tami, actually voted in Parliament to support this closure programme. There is a better alternative, so that Post Offices can become thriving small businesses again, providing a full range of facilities and services to the local area. At the moment, the government is taking services away from the Post Office, making it more difficult for them to survive.’ The Conservatives have developed a comprehensive plan to support Post Offices, and prevent further closures. Sub-Post Offices need to be given more freedom to offer a wider range of business services; Post Offices could become ‘One Stop Shops’ with trained staff …..