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The Welsh Administration Ombudsman’s Report of 2000-01

Tuesday 30 October 2001 The Welsh Administration Ombudsman’s Report of 2000-01 4:10 p.m. Alison Halford: I, too, welcome Michael Buckley’s report, although not as positively as some of my colleagues. The ombudsman, as we all know, plays a key role in maintaining standards. The Assembly’s departments and its sponsored public bodies have a duty to be open, accountable and transparent, and any failure in that must be swiftly tackled. I will limit my comments to what I believe is the way forward for the ombudsman. I may be critical in parts, but I only wish to flag up these issues so that improvements can be made in order to serve the public better. Many Members have already touched on the fact that last year many complaints were not investigated because they fell outside Mr Buckley’s jurisdiction. The year before, it was even worse. That backs up my long-held belief that the public is confused by exactly who does what. Mr Buckley’s considerable number of titles does not help matters. I remind you of them: Welsh Administration Ombudsman, Health Service Ombudsman for Wales, Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration, Scottish Parliamentary Ombudsman, Health Service Ombudsman for England, and Scottish Health Service Ombudsman. To …..