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Ball games, weighbridge and school drop offs.

Good news for football aficionados who live in the Level Road Park area of my ward. After the kerfuffle over a wrongly placed “No Ball Games” sign, the “Kick-back Wall” solution should soon become a reality to curb the problem of unwanted balls crashing into neighbouring gardens. Flintshire Leisure Services officers are willing to erect this goal capturing device provided the local developer keeps a promise to meet play facility costs and there are no real objections from local residents after full consultation has occurred under planning regulations. A picture of the Kick-back wall will be displayed in the park and care will be taken to site it away from gardens fences. It will not come cheap but will certainly enhance the playground area dramatically and offer a little peace to local residents frustrated by constant balls intruding into their privacy and space. I hope it finds favour with residents and if any one wants to talk anything through, my number is in the Flintshire Council booklet. The Bad News-