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Murder or suicide?

Eddie Gilfoyle’s 16-year fight to clear his name Eddie Gilfoyle was jailed for life in July 1993 after being found guilty of of killing his pregnant wife. It could be a run of the mill family get-together: a devoted sister and her husband calling in on her brother to update him on the recent graduation of their children. They sit in comfortable chairs around a small table and, over coffee, proudly show him pictures of the event. But this is no ordinary family gathering. The meeting is part of an odyssey that began 16 years ago and will continue until the prisoner, Eddie Gilfoyle, is cleared of a crime he says he did not commit; a crime which his supporters say was never a crime in the first place. In a twist of fate, the brother-in-law, Paul Caddick, is a former police sergeant who spent a career building up cases against criminals. He has now used the last decade-and-a-half dismantling the evidence that convicted his wife’s brother of murder. Gilfoyle was jailed for life in 1993. In the evening of 4 June 1992, 33-year-old Paula Gilfoyle was found hanging from a beam in the garage of the family home in …..

Firearms Chief Caught with Unlicensed Ammunition

“Firearms chief caught with unlicensed ammunition. (Jan 23 2007 by Gareth Hughes, Daily Post) The head of North Wales Police‚Äôs firearms unit yesterday admitted having ammunition he was not licensed to keep.” Download the pdf of the full article below: [download#3] From the Blog PPP written by citizens who are “concerned about the direction policing is going in North Wales”