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Ewloe, past, present and future

Search the web and you will find references to the celebrated Llewelyn ap Gryffudd who returned Ewloe to the Welsh by 1257. Building, as he did, his ‘castle in the woods’ the Welsh Prince remains tied to Ewloe through the prosperity of his castle as a peaceful tourists haven. The castle he built is subject to much historical suggestion. Little documented evidence, other than in the ‘Chester Plea Rolls’, exists, however there is some consensus that the castle is Welsh in origin. Nowadays Ewloe has some other big names associated with it like and Redrow. The little town, with a population of 4864 (2001 census), also boasts the famous purchase made by footballer, Michael Owen, in 2004 of a row of houses in Austen Close for his family. Yet another castle in the woods, maybe. The battle continues with local opposition to the Marston’s superpub involving an arson attack that resulted in a fine of £50000 for the attacker. Looking to the future, in 2011, Ewloe has it’s own 2 schools: Ewloe Green Primary Penarlag Primary taking care of future generations.

No Supa Pub for Ewloe

Ewloe proposed Supa Pub application was rejected by a handsome majority to Flintshire’s Planning Committee yesterday. No Christmas card will be sent by my residents to the Queensferry councillor who pushed hard for the pub to go ahead but lost his motion with the most helpful contributions by several members but mostly by the sound common sense from Chris Bithell, Mold East Ward. Queensferry councillor was on his feet the second our Planning Officer had described the reason why his officers were supporting this application. The Planners though the pub would complement the wider employment site, 50 to 70 jobs were promised and yes, Ewloe was recognised as having a history of parking problems but 81 gated parking spaces would not exacerbate the problem. No mention was made of this provision being less than the number of spaces (114), specified in the Council’s Parking standards and no mention was made of further displacement onto these congested roads by placing double yellow lines into the hammerhead that runs beside the HSOB offices that would become the way into the pub site. That is part of a veryt busy ATM service. The weakest part of the Planning case was that the land …..

Cheque Presentation

Alison is pictured below with Capricorn Animal Rescue staff and the £500 cheque.

Twiggy Rescue

Alison’s recent donation to Capricorn Animal Rescue Centre, Padeswood has been heralded in the February 3rd edition of the Evening Leader. The article can be downloaded below: [download#5] Alison, much impressed by the conscientious work of Shiela Stewart, is quoted as saying: Shiela does a wonderful job and quite often around here we take it for granted that whenever we find an injured bird or half-dead dog, we can call her up and she will take it in straight away.


Happy New Year

12 plus days into the New Year is a little late to wish all constituents a happy one but better late than never. The first Ewloe ward battle for 2009 has arrived with the public announcement; spotted by a sharp eyed constituent heralding the fact that a developer proposed to build a pub, restaurant and accommodation by the St David’s Park roundabout. The last open space in the middle of this obscenely overdeveloped area is about to be concreted over:- not without a fight it won’t! The 21 day objection period is now running and if any constituent wants to object, please make urgent contact with me or the Planning Officer, Mark Harris on 01352 703269. There is no need for another pub with all its anticipated anti-social and increased traffic problems in Ewloe.

Christmas Capers.

On 16th December, we took a break from budgets problems, scrutiny committees and single status debates to enjoy carols and music courtesy of Flintshire Youth Group in the Council Chamber. We then processed to an excellent traditional turkey and Christmas pudding lunch specially served to cllrs and guests in a committee rooms. (Guests had to pay but why not)! I had to forgo pud to attend a 2.30pm meeting in Chester with my favourite local charity, Save the Family. We had important business to discuss with the new and very impressive Chief Executive as STF is on the threshold of doubling its much needed accommodation and all sorts of detail had to be explored. With repossessions rising and homelessness seriously on the increase, the demands on this charity by destitute, homeless families is just going to go though the roof. My last council engagement before the Recess was a meeting with Mark Isherwood and Brynle Williams, our Welsh Conservative AM’s. Over sandwiches, Mark gave a very illuminating brief on housing transfer strategy. I might have got the wrong end of the stick but he was not aware that there had been any agreement with FCC and the Deputy housing minister …..

Ewloe Access Improvements

Shrugging off the effects of flu recently, I headed to a rendezvous in Ewloe to keep a promise I had made to a then potential constituent last April. Whilst canvassing for the May Council elections, I was asked what I would do to improve access to some of the food and retail outlets in Ewloe. I had seen this person on his motor scooter but we had never spoken till then. I promised I would do what I could and apart from downloading an official government disability news sheet and posting it though his door, I did nothing for months. The law was not clear and it seemed to be up the shop keeper to determine if they could afford a ramp or whatever necessary to assist non walking people.

Photo News

Save our P.O.

SAVE OUR POST OFFICE! Since Labour came to power, 1 in every 4 Post Offices has been closed, with another 2500 to be shut down over the next 12 months. It won’t be until October that we know whether the Ewloe Post Office is going to close for ever. Local Conservative, Will Gallagher, is leading a campaign to save our post-offices, because he believes they provide vital services, particularly to the most, vulnerable people in our society. `To close the village post office would be to rip’ the heart out of the community. I can’t believe that our local MP, Mark Tami, actually voted in Parliament to support this closure programme. There is a better alternative, so that Post Offices can become thriving small businesses again, providing a full range of facilities and services to the local area. At the moment, the government is taking services away from the Post Office, making it more difficult for them to survive.’ The Conservatives have developed a comprehensive plan to support Post Offices, and prevent further closures. Sub-Post Offices need to be given more freedom to offer a wider range of business services; Post Offices could become ‘One Stop Shops’ with trained staff …..