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Ewloe, past, present and future

Search the web and you will find references to the celebrated Llewelyn ap Gryffudd who returned Ewloe to the Welsh by 1257. Building, as he did, his ‘castle in the woods’ the Welsh Prince remains tied to Ewloe through the prosperity of his castle as a peaceful tourists haven. The castle he built is subject to much historical suggestion. Little documented evidence, other than in the ‘Chester Plea Rolls’, exists, however there is some consensus that the castle is Welsh in origin. Nowadays Ewloe has some other big names associated with it like and Redrow. The little town, with a population of 4864 (2001 census), also boasts the famous purchase made by footballer, Michael Owen, in 2004 of a row of houses in Austen Close for his family. Yet another castle in the woods, maybe. The battle continues with local opposition to the Marston’s superpub involving an arson attack that resulted in a fine of £50000 for the attacker. Looking to the future, in 2011, Ewloe has it’s own 2 schools: Ewloe Green Primary Penarlag Primary taking care of future generations.