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Cheque Presentation

Alison is pictured below with Capricorn Animal Rescue staff and the £500 cheque.

Twiggy Rescue

Alison’s recent donation to Capricorn Animal Rescue Centre, Padeswood has been heralded in the February 3rd edition of the Evening Leader. The article can be downloaded below: [download#5] Alison, much impressed by the conscientious work of Shiela Stewart, is quoted as saying: Shiela does a wonderful job and quite often around here we take it for granted that whenever we find an injured bird or half-dead dog, we can call her up and she will take it in straight away.


With her companions forming a large part of Alison’s domestic and private life she is pleased to include them in all media. Below a selection of images of a growing menagerie are shared with readers to give an insight into the daily household activities.