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More spending to make us gasp in disbelief. Nick Bourne AM, leader of the Welsh Conservatives in WAG has discovered a rich seam of scandal when questioning the cost of repairs to the controversial Assembly debating chamber in Cardiff. As chunks of my book, “Leeks from the back benches” was devoted to the debacle of setting up the Senedd, I was shocked to read that AT LEAST £100,000 had been spent on repairs over the last two years. In 1999, First Secretary Alun Michael waffled on about the cost being no more than £10million. Wrong again Mr M. The final bill (the official figure of course) was £67m and only opened on 1st March 2006. My invitation to the grand opening by the Queen arrived so late, I had no time to make plans to go!!


What went wrong with the promotion process? The recent inquest into how high flying Greater Manchester Chief Constable Mike Todd’s life ended with excessive alcohol and exposure on Snowdon’s summit raises the question (still to be answered) of how was he ever promoted to that high rank in the first place. The litany of mistresses and wild living must surely have made him a huge security risk because his rank would have secured him automatic entry to “COBRA”, the cabinet office’s security high command, always launched when terrorist or other security breaches occur.Even as chief constable, he was soon starting yet another affair on his own doorstep with a high flying married Manchester business woman which lasted three years. The Daily Telegraph really dishes the dirt by describing alleged affairs and his nickname. “Hot Toddy”, who, amongst the many; made advances to a female journalist and a young Greater Manchester recruit. He was a fast track officer. Essex as a bobby with a good degree in 1976, promoted to assistant chief constable, Nottingham 1995, then on to Deputy Assistant Commissioner in the Met in 1998, picking up a Queens Police medal in 2001. Onwards and upwards then to the pinnacle …..