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Sir Philip Myers, OBE, Chief Constable of North Wales & Inspector of Constabulary’s obituary appeared in the Times in July. His career was spectacular. Aged 39, he was the youngest chief constable in the country when he was promoted after successfully overseeing security for the investiture of the Prince of Wales in 1969. Liverpool born son of a merchant seaman, his first chief constable told him he would reach the dizzy heights of superintendent or get the sack! Known also for keen humour, he once he conducted a Welsh male choir with a leek. Pity such a distinguished officer’s career was blighted not once but twice with controversy, both referred to in his obituary. Former deputy chief, John Stalker’s career took a tumble & my own was persistently stymied by his sexual discrimination of a competent female high police flyer, moi! John Stalker’s career as the deputy chief constable of Greater Manchester virtually ended when suspended when linked with a Manchester business man who allegedly ran with criminals. Why? The RUC did not want to be investigated & John was judged as being far too zealous over his investigation into the notorious “shoot to kill” policy; allegedly operating by the …..