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National Assembly for Wales

Alison’s work with the National Assemly for Wales incorporated a variety of work. Some of the photoshoots from those days can be viewed below.


More spending to make us gasp in disbelief. Nick Bourne AM, leader of the Welsh Conservatives in WAG has discovered a rich seam of scandal when questioning the cost of repairs to the controversial Assembly debating chamber in Cardiff. As chunks of my book, “Leeks from the back benches” was devoted to the debacle of setting up the Senedd, I was shocked to read that AT LEAST £100,000 had been spent on repairs over the last two years. In 1999, First Secretary Alun Michael waffled on about the cost being no more than £10million. Wrong again Mr M. The final bill (the official figure of course) was £67m and only opened on 1st March 2006. My invitation to the grand opening by the Queen arrived so late, I had no time to make plans to go!!