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Letter for Sadie

I needed cheering up after Sadie; my recent Capricorn Animal Rescue Yorkie acquisition was hit by a car as she dashed across the road following her bigger chum, Hufflepuff. This horrible drama unfolded on 14th February close to the church at St David’s Park. The letter to both local papers tells the story: FLINTSHIRE, CH5 3RL. 22nd February 2009. ‘Dear Editor, Sadie, my Capricorn Rescue Yorkshire Terrier is home minus a leg but alive thanks to the professionalism by Village vets staff and compassionate members of the public. Through your newspaper, I would be grateful if I can thank all involved in that traumatic episode that unfolded on 14th February by the church in St. David’s Park, Ewloe. Two of my four dogs spotted another across the road and dashed to it despite my screaming at them to stop. The lady with the dog, (Anna), tried hard to slow the traffic but Sadie was hit. Holding my badly injured pooch, a man appeared who had been passenger in the collision car. Asking what he could do to help, desperate to secure the other three animals; I handed over my car keys. In my panic, I sent him to the wrong …..

New Look 2009

Yes those colours were too much and a redesign is here. It has been under the hat for a while but now it is here. It is an early release to appease the eyes that have been strained. Admin

Twiggy Rescue

Alison’s recent donation to Capricorn Animal Rescue Centre, Padeswood has been heralded in the February 3rd edition of the Evening Leader. The article can be downloaded below: [download#5] Alison, much impressed by the conscientious work of Shiela Stewart, is quoted as saying: Shiela does a wonderful job and quite often around here we take it for granted that whenever we find an injured bird or half-dead dog, we can call her up and she will take it in straight away.

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Letter to the Leader

My letter, regarding the recent Conservative election victory in Ewloe, as printed in the Flintshire Evening Leader: “Dear Editor, Conservative May Day Triumph. Would you allow me to use the letters page to thank all those in the Ewloe Ward who voted me back to serve them again. I still have my original Councillor identity pass, enjoyed happy memories of being part of a local politics between 1995 and 1999 and to return to serve the community again is something I relish greatly. Several large Labour scalps bit the dust last night and I offer some sympathy for those who lost their seats but much is wrong with Flintshire and change was well overdue. Despite having the reputation of being a warrior, I still believe that working with all parties for the good of the community is far more productive than conducting tribal party battles and that teamwork, regardless of the party one supports is the proper approach to local politics. May I thank my Conservative colleagues who made my victory possible. Now that the Welsh Conservatives have greatly increased their numbers and will be part of the new ruling administration in Flintshire, I am very thrilled that my Party …..

NHS Spending Increases

FIVE VILLAGES COLUMN Despite the gloomy NHS news that appears regularly in some of our black-bordered newspapers, when Jane Hutt, the Welsh Assembly Government Health and Social Services Minister visited Delyn recently, she was able to show that the statistics don?t always portray the real story. Certainly, the money that is being invested in the Health Service is unprecedented. ?9 million invested has been given to increase medical training faculties in Swansea and she has promised to mirror this programme in North Wales by working on the business case to for a similar Clinical School in this area. She knows that well trained and plentiful staff will be the driving influence to turn the NHS around. The Assembly has always been fully committed to looking at problems from various angles ? the jargon is cross cutting and so its good news for Five Village folk as well as the rest of Wales now that Jane has announced a Health & Well Being Council. It?s going to make an important contribution to creating and delivering health and well being policies in Wales and its designed to listen to the communities we serve. Membership of the Council will include a broad range of interest including patient groups, voluntary …..

Overnight Cities and Paddick’s Pillory : March 2002.

TOWNS BECOME CITIES OVERNIGHT. Wales has a new city. Hooray! It joins all the others that are to be found in er!.. guess where; South Wales. I should have forecast that Newport would win. Sadly, awarding the South is becoming a habit. Rude people tell me that the South Wales Maffia rules O.K. Wrexham?s bid was submitted early and the Town rulers had every confidence of putting forward the best case and grasp the shining prize of becoming a city, particularly to celebrate the Queen?s Golden Jubilee. Moving from a run of the mill, bog standard town and burgeoning into a city is good for business, esteem, commerce and all sorts of invisible goodies that being a ?City? attracts. Her Majesty seals the City Goody bag lottery but who advises her? Stand up our Secretary of State for Wales. I guess the Welsh Office would have made the final recommendation to No. 10 based on the views of the All South Wales Cabinet maybe. Who knows and will we ever know? There is no appeal and I doubt that the evidence on which Paul Murphy may have made his possible recommendation, will ever see the light of day. I?m sure that Newport deserves the City status and good luck to them but …..