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Capricorn Animal Sanctuary’s future is now ‘Rosy’.

One of the best known faces seen regularly in the local press belongs to Sheila Steward, founder of Capricorn Animal Rescue & Sanctuary. It’s this wonderful charity’s thirty third year of taking in & saving animals. I’ve wept when we read how little Carrie succumbed to dreadful injuries & years of abuse despite a valiant battle to save her; rejoiced when a badly neglected creature, rescued from the jaws of death is nursed back to health & a caring home is found. The charity is unique as it takes in anything from an injured bird to a starving pony. Where would we be without Capricorn’s incredible work since 1983? Sheila started young when in London, she accepted all sorts of creatures brought to her by the local police. A ride on the police horses & visits to their stables was her reward. A really thorny issue blew up in the form of Dan Rose, a volunteer only but this man has created enormous havoc in the life of rescue sanctuary, added it’s true to say by his very strange female volunteer group. It’s barely believable what happened on the evening of the 29th,July 2015, Dan, a Jan Caswell, a Vikki …..


The summer recess has been joyous but sadly the Monday Planning site visit broke my holiday torpor fanned by an article by my most despised politician. ( no, worse even than Edwina Hart, maverick Welsh transport minister). Tony Blair had been given free rein in my paper & arrogantly made out a case to attack Syria. He is still in denial over his craven decision to go to war on flawed facts. His views were cleverly brought down to earth by the Times cartoonist who showed two badgers in their sett, with a silhouette of a marksman with weapon cocked, framed in the entrance. Badger one was reading the “B Liar” article, big grinning teeth & topknot sketched in, whilst distraught Badger 2 was wringing her paws under a caption, “Hasn’t TB caused enough death as it is !?” If not humiliating enough, the following day’s lead letter was from GENERAL SIR MICHAEL ROSE who wrote, ” I was surprised that you gave so much space to Tony Blair’s views on Syria. It’s like having an arsonist advise on how to put out a fire he lit”. When the Labour Party was refashioning itself with its “Third Way”, all those …..

Twiggy Rescue

Alison’s recent donation to Capricorn Animal Rescue Centre, Padeswood has been heralded in the February 3rd edition of the Evening Leader. The article can be downloaded below: [download#5] Alison, much impressed by the conscientious work of Shiela Stewart, is quoted as saying: Shiela does a wonderful job and quite often around here we take it for granted that whenever we find an injured bird or half-dead dog, we can call her up and she will take it in straight away.


SAVING THE ALBATROSS.   ‘Albatrosses have survived the harshest marine environment for 50 million years; more than 100 times longer than our own species. However, these magnificent birds are unable to cope with the man-made threats, such as long line fishing.   Albatrosses should be free to circle the globe for millions of years to come- we must stop this needless slaughter now to prevent an entire branch being torn from the evolutionary tree’.   SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH, BROADCASTER AND NATURALIST.   A MIRACLE OF EVOLUTION, ABLE TO ROAM THE OCEANS WITHOUT A PAUSE….   Amongst the largest flying birds, weighing up to 25 lbs. The Wandering Albatross has a wing span of 11 feet and live for 50 years or more. It will go on foraging trips five thousand miles long to feed its chick. Their breeding pattern is not kind to increasing their numbers. They lay one egg only that can take 70 days to incubate and another 10 months for young birds to fledge. For over a year each parent in turn makes frequent trips of up to five thousand miles, for days on end, to bring food back for the hungry chick. The breeding cycle is …..

Saving the Albatross

Alison enjoyed her bird watching trip to see albatrosses. Moved by the plight of these majestic birds Alison became a patron of the Save the Albatross group. A close up of an albatross taken by Alison was published in the group’s newsletter which can be viewed at       This shy albatross was the highlight of a pelagic holiday by patron, Alison Halford     Anyone interested in viewing the magnificent albatross might contact the following tour organisers     Peregrine Adventures, 1st Floor, 8 Clerewater Place, Lower Way, Thatcham, Berkshire, RG19 3RF. Or telephone Peregrine Tours on 01635 872300 and quote RSPB.