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The Daily Telegraph eagerly reported the Eva Carneiro discrimination tribunal & published the usual predictable ‘Drinky Poos’ piccy of Eve, eyes rolling, nose in a wine glass with palm trees in the background. Obviously a holiday snap but so what? It helped underline the long list of the failings that Chelsea dragged up in an attempt to discredit her. She’d already turned down £1.2 million offer. What more did the greedy, fame-hungry women want? All this garbage was printed the day before Dr C was due to testify. To spare Jose Mourinho a very embarrassing public trial, next day Chelsea threw in the towel. A litany of most wonderful words of praised her skills, the soundness as a medic & her decision to go on the pitch to attend to the injured player. Of course she had been correct. If the confidential settlement is £5 million, no one is yet sure, Eva scored a hat trick. No one’s criticising her greed now as by then, the skeleton arguments promised a locker full of explosive emails & covert tape recordings that were going to hit the ‘Special One’ from the witness box. Clever girl. She’d collected the destructive emails, worked the …..

Bathroom Spray Battle

‘The battle of the bathroom spray holder. Time to pull the plug on SG JOHNSON, a global firm, & it’s useless product. When I purchased a new Sense & Spray holder plus several squirty refills last July; for nice bathroom odours, I had no idea the unit was not fit for purpose & the company, S G Johnson, a global family company would prove to be totally disingenuous, if not downright dishonest about their dumpy cartridge holder’s failings. Once empty, it was impossible to fit a new refill. Struggled for ages so decided to buy another to find out how it worked as no instructions were provided. Problem no.1. Having scoured every store in the vicinity, including shop who had sold it, my holder was no longer on sale. Problem no. 2. When I contact the firm’s customer services, this mega global family firm showed its true colours. They refused to recognise the holder. Both codes on the refills were provided plus a photo of my holder. Customer Services said that the picture did not arrive so I sent it again. “Now you have the picture why don’t you just send me a replacement,” I demanded. No, they don’t send …..

Capricorn Animal Sanctuary’s future is now ‘Rosy’.

One of the best known faces seen regularly in the local press belongs to Sheila Steward, founder of Capricorn Animal Rescue & Sanctuary. It’s this wonderful charity’s thirty third year of taking in & saving animals. I’ve wept when we read how little Carrie succumbed to dreadful injuries & years of abuse despite a valiant battle to save her; rejoiced when a badly neglected creature, rescued from the jaws of death is nursed back to health & a caring home is found. The charity is unique as it takes in anything from an injured bird to a starving pony. Where would we be without Capricorn’s incredible work since 1983? Sheila started young when in London, she accepted all sorts of creatures brought to her by the local police. A ride on the police horses & visits to their stables was her reward. A really thorny issue blew up in the form of Dan Rose, a volunteer only but this man has created enormous havoc in the life of rescue sanctuary, added it’s true to say by his very strange female volunteer group. It’s barely believable what happened on the evening of the 29th,July 2015, Dan, a Jan Caswell, a Vikki …..


Fate dealt me a one further savage blow on Saturday, 13th December, the day Bunter was put to sleep. He was the third dog of my “Fur Family that had died within 3 months. Sadie went in May, pleased to go as she could hardly breathe, then my adored wire haired miniature dachshund was found unconscious early on 14 October and died within minutes despite a brave effort to save him. On a cold wet dark 12th, December, when Bunter did not return from the garden through the flap, my only option was to go & find him in dressing gown & slippers. He was carried back in from where he half slumped by the flap. I had reluctantly decided that once he could not get back on his own, his time was up. Arrangements were made for the vet to call the next day for him to be put to sleep. It was timely. That morning, he really did’t want to go out at all & I had to carry him into the garden. He had to prop himself up against a small wall to cock his leg & staggered back to be house barely able to walk whilst …..


Her sudden death is too painful to describe yet so I’ll ease my grief by blogging about amazing recent statements from our senior Labour leaders; including Mark Tami M.P, who claims Flintshire has been “stitched up” over the massive waste burning plant heading for Deeside. This chimes with another accusation. “ All the fault of the previous administration”, bleats, Council Leader, Aaron Shotton. “Our hands are tied” as £71m is the cancellation cost”. Although Flintshire is the lead Authority for the North Wales Regional Partnership, to blame the Coalition for being stuck with just one tender & huge cancellation fees if we pulled out is unfair & basically untrue . Consultants were paid handsomely to advice the Regional Partnership & with our Chief Executive was in the driving seat as Project Head, FCC was the lead authority. Why did they get it all so wrong? Aaron Shotton blames the Deeside incinerator decision onto the Coalition. Waste disposal was aired a committee and if they were not content, Labour cllrs. could have been called in! So who was responsible for bouncing this Authority into the costly Deeside incinerator & ending up with just one tender. A site in Anglesey was earmarked …..

Sadie is no more.

The first engagement for me as Hawarden Community Council’s new Chair was the Town Mayor of Buckley’s civic service last Sunday, 1st June. The church was packed with the Chain Gangs and Buckley people who came to support Cllr Ian Peters and family. My mind was elsewhere. I could not stop reeling back to the previous Sunday when Sadie, my feisty little three legged Capricorn rescue Yorkshire Terrier was fighting literally for breath & for her life. I did not know then how little time she had. Sadie had been collected from kennels after a super trip to Chelsea Flower show and I was told she had been quiet. After watching her breathing hard on the Friday, I realised she needed help. In the evening, she was bundled off to Village Vets who took one look, put her on oxygen and she was kept in with instructions to do all the tests & s-d the cost. They thought she wouldn’t make it through the night but she always has been a fighter and got through the night. A year after getting her from Capricorn Animal Rescue, as her owner had died of cancer, on a quiet St Valentine’s day I …..


The summer recess has been joyous but sadly the Monday Planning site visit broke my holiday torpor fanned by an article by my most despised politician. ( no, worse even than Edwina Hart, maverick Welsh transport minister). Tony Blair had been given free rein in my paper & arrogantly made out a case to attack Syria. He is still in denial over his craven decision to go to war on flawed facts. His views were cleverly brought down to earth by the Times cartoonist who showed two badgers in their sett, with a silhouette of a marksman with weapon cocked, framed in the entrance. Badger one was reading the “B Liar” article, big grinning teeth & topknot sketched in, whilst distraught Badger 2 was wringing her paws under a caption, “Hasn’t TB caused enough death as it is !?” If not humiliating enough, the following day’s lead letter was from GENERAL SIR MICHAEL ROSE who wrote, ” I was surprised that you gave so much space to Tony Blair’s views on Syria. It’s like having an arsonist advise on how to put out a fire he lit”. When the Labour Party was refashioning itself with its “Third Way”, all those …..


My oldest chum & I jetted out of England bound for New Delhi on a bleak snowy day. We held our breath that the plane would actually take off amidst swirling snow flakes with much snow having been already cleared from the runway. I’d booked club class but in all the years of travelling we were upgraded to first class and spent a comfortable night stretched out on BA’s finest sleeping pods. I’d visited India 25 years previously and really had no strong desire to re-visit; remembering the poverty, the constant press of small children and other beggars tapping on our bus windows and the use of gutters for impromptu loo stops. I felt sorry for the diseased dogs that roamed everywhere, the cows that wandered around the streets (even the airport and I did not enjoy sights of people sleeping on pavements or mixing cow pats for heat and bulding materials. The luxury of the hotels compared with how some Indians live worried me but best friend had developed a deep passion for the county and it was time to indulge her before we both popped our clogs. Most standard tours don’t combine north and south and I wanted …..

Letter for Sadie

I needed cheering up after Sadie; my recent Capricorn Animal Rescue Yorkie acquisition was hit by a car as she dashed across the road following her bigger chum, Hufflepuff. This horrible drama unfolded on 14th February close to the church at St David’s Park. The letter to both local papers tells the story: FLINTSHIRE, CH5 3RL. 22nd February 2009. ‘Dear Editor, Sadie, my Capricorn Rescue Yorkshire Terrier is home minus a leg but alive thanks to the professionalism by Village vets staff and compassionate members of the public. Through your newspaper, I would be grateful if I can thank all involved in that traumatic episode that unfolded on 14th February by the church in St. David’s Park, Ewloe. Two of my four dogs spotted another across the road and dashed to it despite my screaming at them to stop. The lady with the dog, (Anna), tried hard to slow the traffic but Sadie was hit. Holding my badly injured pooch, a man appeared who had been passenger in the collision car. Asking what he could do to help, desperate to secure the other three animals; I handed over my car keys. In my panic, I sent him to the wrong …..

Twiggy Rescue

Alison’s recent donation to Capricorn Animal Rescue Centre, Padeswood has been heralded in the February 3rd edition of the Evening Leader. The article can be downloaded below: [download#5] Alison, much impressed by the conscientious work of Shiela Stewart, is quoted as saying: Shiela does a wonderful job and quite often around here we take it for granted that whenever we find an injured bird or half-dead dog, we can call her up and she will take it in straight away.