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Continuing Ombudsman Tribulation

Long time no blog? Delayed by time warp! Only the Labour Welsh Government wantonly squanders public money on their precious Ombudsman, or to give the latest bearded post holder, his official title; the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales. Nick succeeded Peter Tyndall who was was whizzed off to a cosy billet back across the Irish Sea in 2010? Blogs Passim have speculated on the reason for this seeming hasty retreat. Blogs Passim have also chronicle Tyndall’s decision to personally investigate me for dubious code breaches. Sending me to a totally biased Adjudication Panel when I was undergoing cancer treatment must have been his finest hour. That encounter with the PSOW in 2009 was expensive & stressful but yet again, PSOW no. 2 has singled me out for more underwhelming bias. I wrote a blog last April & expressly stated it had nothing to do with my role as a Cllr. My blog objected to the dreadful behaviour by a Dan Rose, a volunteer with Capricorn Animal Rescue & some Committee members. Dan & gang descended upon Sheila Stewart’s house one evening & tried to throw her out of her home & attempted to close down any further association with her …..


Recently, the “Today ” programme featured a appalling rape case where the assailant still had not been sentenced after 11 court appearances & none of the multiple agencies would come on air to explain. Labour’s Victim Adviser, a former DPP muttered this was rare but offered no solution . “The Standard”, the local free press ran story after story of convictions, but in instances when a caution might have been the answer. Carer steals from 100 year old victim when she hit a financial brick wall due to domestic problems. Now she has or stump up a hefty fine. Stealing is wrong but adding to the debt may also end in tears. The celebratory victims are still reeling over the cost of funding legal fees after being acquitted & one sex charge against MP Nigel Evans was slung out as no contact had been made with the alleged victim. Quite important ingredient that I would have thought. So, the CPS do prosecute as they did successfully against Max Clifford. I was on a TV Moral Maze years ago & he chivalrously defended me against a nasty creep who clearly did not like me. He ticked creep off thoroughly. I sought …..

End Game in sight for Cllr Patrick Heesom?

The views from Mold Crown Court 3 are stunning. 1st April, All Fools Day lived up to its name as the panelled court room hosted almost as many lawyers to field a football. team with the judge nice-ly placed to keep goal . Cllr Heesom’s team were led by barrister Mark Henderson, his junior, & the genial Michael Murphy, Patrick’s first barrister who had tenaciously represented him through the long months of the tribunal which started in 2010 & which finally ended in July 2013. Of course Patrick was found guilty and suspended from councillor work for 2.5 years. The PSOW ‘s Panel had, as expected done its work. Team Patrick’s managers, Boss lawyer Martin Howe and trusty partner Kieran O’Rourke looked positively ordinary compared with the robes of bewigged barristers. The assembly of the PSOW’s team was led by QC! He’s funded by the taxpayer so spend, spend, spend. What’s another million or two to sustain the dreadful Welsh Ombudsman. He’s beetled off to Dublin to cause more misery over there! His Registrar, Stephen Phipps his faithful henchman sat quietly at the back, doing just that. Sitting ! No idea why? Mr Justice Hinkinbottom, sans wig, was alert. Encouraging …..

Quest for justice grinds on.

Councillor v Councillor and only one winner! The one who tells the truth. He was interviewed under caution by North Wales Police on 21st December (2013). The first detective assigned the case got bogged down in long court case so detective officer Shaun took up the perjury investigation against Cllr Arnold Woolley. Much thought went into my statement as the story is complex and goes back to 2009. Those who are familiar with this blog, which has lain dormant for months; should be told that Arnold Woolley lied on oath before an Adjudication Ombudsman’s hearing. Arnold kept a hand written diary and the two entries involving me were wicked porkies for I had never complaint to him that Cllr Patrick Heesom was a bully. The fact Cllr Woolley returned from the Colonial Police Service almost broke was discussed in my tribunal. When he unexpectedly became Leader of Flintshire County Council in 2008, the Woolley finances improved dramatically as Leader’s remuneration is generous and he wanted to keep that golden goose a laying. As I had volunteered a statement supporting Patrick Heesom as the Welsh Ombudsman, now known to be as odious as Woolley, I had to be seen off. Patrick …..


The summer recess has been joyous but sadly the Monday Planning site visit broke my holiday torpor fanned by an article by my most despised politician. ( no, worse even than Edwina Hart, maverick Welsh transport minister). Tony Blair had been given free rein in my paper & arrogantly made out a case to attack Syria. He is still in denial over his craven decision to go to war on flawed facts. His views were cleverly brought down to earth by the Times cartoonist who showed two badgers in their sett, with a silhouette of a marksman with weapon cocked, framed in the entrance. Badger one was reading the “B Liar” article, big grinning teeth & topknot sketched in, whilst distraught Badger 2 was wringing her paws under a caption, “Hasn’t TB caused enough death as it is !?” If not humiliating enough, the following day’s lead letter was from GENERAL SIR MICHAEL ROSE who wrote, ” I was surprised that you gave so much space to Tony Blair’s views on Syria. It’s like having an arsonist advise on how to put out a fire he lit”. When the Labour Party was refashioning itself with its “Third Way”, all those …..


Aqua class, Village Hotel, my Tuesday routine when council work allows. Now into recess so grab my usual spot and take no notice of grey haired man wallowing in the shallow end playing with children. Soon a fellow swimmer bounces over to me. “Isn’t he the first minister,” she warbles. Too far away for me to be sure. Waddle over & tune in on Mo, the instructor asking him to leave. Pool booked for Aqua only. Not having seen Carwyn for 10 years, and certainly not without clothes, threw me for an instant but I recognised the voice as he asked if he had to leave. Graciously, he & family accepted Mo’s explanation & he took up residence in the paddling pool whilst the ladies continued to hog the main pool. I waddled over to the submerged minister, “Carwyn, come and join us”, I called. Head popped, “Alison”, he replied at once shaking hands. No difficulty with his “Instant Recognition” skills. “I’m too big”, he jested and flopped back into the kiddies pool. I waded back to my spec, watched by eye rolling ladies. “Yes, it’s the first minister,” I confirmed. I told Mo she had ordered the First Minister …..


CLLR. HEESOM’S TORMENTORS SERVE UP EXPECTED SANCTION. Patrick’s supporters promptly attended at 11am for the anticipated start but the Panel is not known for punctuality. Meanwhile, 4 legal bods, probably on up to £500 an hour; twiddled their collective thumbs. The cotton bag caught our attention under the feet of Ombudsman’s lawyer. “Ombudsman’s Association”. “Independent complaints resolution” the bag boasted. This produced gales of muffled laughter. We thought the bag was telling “porkies”. Its owner, a thin, humourless lady hurriedly pushed the object of our mirth under her feet. Former Cllr Peter Pemberton and I passed the time discussing our mutual exchange of lettuce plants whilst a former officer of the Council quietly regaled us with stories of a Cllr with an alleged reputation for bullying. The Cllr had laboured under the uncharitable names of ‘Adolph’ or Mr Beetroot as the face went red as the fury rose.’ Who did he mean? 12.10 p.m.; we were asked to switch off mobiles and then at 12.30, the Panel filed in. Having spent yesterday softening us up the previous day for big sentence, Hywel James pronounced that Stage 3, the punishment had arrived. Panel’s decision unanimous there had been 14 breaches amounting …..


(Cllr Patrick Heesom’s tribunal. Day 57? ) Tuesday at 2pm, the Panel reconvened at the Village hotel after many months delay. At the same time, in County Hall, Flintshire County cllrs were about to agree a new way of dealing with alleged breaches of their codes of conduct. The Ombudsman for Wales finally accepted all allegations against cllrs need no longer be sent automatically to his office for judgement. A local resolution strategy is to be introduced to deal with alleged breaches, leaving only the more serious cases to go to the Ombudsman. The scheme is years overdue Mr Ombudsman. I told the Chief Executive in his office five years ago, that this was how Cllr Patrick Heesom should have his alleged code breach dealt with. Let the Group Leaders & the local Standards Panel rule first. To involve the Public services officer for Wales. (PSOW), would all end in tears. This marathon tribunal, some 58 days stale & still unending; will certainly end in tears. But whose? Certainly the taxpayer who will some day be asked to pay the enormous cost of the arrogance of the Ombudsman, his biased procedures and of his Adjudication Panel teammates. Grinning Chair, District …..


Members of Hawarden Community Council were summonsed to attend the 11th February meeting at the institute. Not sure why we are “summonsed” but the turn out was good. First up was further discussion over the long standing battle between the Chief Constable and Council members to make our chief constable more respectful towards those elected to represent the people. He does not answer letters from our Clerk and in desperation, the Chair of the Former North Wales Police Authority was asked to help. Another rebuff. This Bod no longer has any jurisdiction and why not try a new Crime Commissioner. It’s incredible that a chief constable can just ignore letters. Sadly, as the most senior law enforcer in the region, there was surprise when he pulled out of a prestigious prize giving event in January at short notice for no apparent reason. Those who pay police wages are entitled to both a response to a letter and if an invitation is accepted, then a presence is required or a good reason for the call off should be given. The Chief is clearly pleasing the new Police Commissioner. A member of the now defunct Police Authority learnt that Police Commissioner has …..

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Since the 3rd May election, the transition from the Coalition to a Labour led administration has been smooth with Messrs Shotton & Attridge moving into Cabinet mode. They got the majority needed to govern after Tony Sharps abandoned his former albatross Leader and formed an alliance with Labour to put Aaron into the all powerful top slot. No matter! Arnold Woolley came to power when the rightful leader in waiting, Patrick Heesom was denied the job, (Blogs passim) Cllr Woolley still hung on to the leadership role in the most dubious circumstances as have been described (ad nauseous) before. Time for a welcome change! Regular readers will know that Patrick was tossed into the waiting arms of the Ombudsman on a bullying allegation. It will be known that despite the still rising legal bill of over £3million, in an enquiry that started in March 2009, Patrick’s tribunal has still not finished! Its scheduled to resume in September 2012, some three years on. Justice delayed is justice denied will not dent our Teflon Ombudsman Peter Tyndall. Patrick’s Adjudication Panel seem unable to grasp that Patrick’s tribunal should now be stopped once and for all now that a High Court decision was …..