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What went wrong with the promotion process? The recent inquest into how high flying Greater Manchester Chief Constable Mike Todd’s life ended with excessive alcohol and exposure on Snowdon’s summit raises the question (still to be answered) of how was he ever promoted to that high rank in the first place. The litany of mistresses and wild living must surely have made him a huge security risk because his rank would have secured him automatic entry to “COBRA”, the cabinet office’s security high command, always launched when terrorist or other security breaches occur.Even as chief constable, he was soon starting yet another affair on his own doorstep with a high flying married Manchester business woman which lasted three years. The Daily Telegraph really dishes the dirt by describing alleged affairs and his nickname. “Hot Toddy”, who, amongst the many; made advances to a female journalist and a young Greater Manchester recruit. He was a fast track officer. Essex as a bobby with a good degree in 1976, promoted to assistant chief constable, Nottingham 1995, then on to Deputy Assistant Commissioner in the Met in 1998, picking up a Queens Police medal in 2001. Onwards and upwards then to the pinnacle …..

Mad bulls

2, PROSPECT CLOSE, EWLOE, FLINTSHIRE, CH 3RL.   6th June 2008. Dear Editor, The slain Mold Bullock and ricocheting bullet. November 2007. The shooting of the Brazilian electrician three years ago and the death of a police officer in Manchester during a training exercise recently are both more serious than the bullock incident. However, when ever police deploy firearms the public must be assured that officers are capable of handling weapons safely and the public is not put at risk. I am aware that all attempts by your newspaper to call the chief constable to account has failed other than to inform you that the matter ahs been investigated. (Full Stop!) But it has been alleged that the animal had been calmed and was with other beasts in a field and yet the creature was killed and another bullet that slammed through a window and into the wall of a near by office. The office could have been occupied and a person as well as a animal could have become victims of the North Wales Firearms Unit. Is it true that the owner of the officer was persuaded not to make a formal complaint? Surely not.! Your Chronicle is right …..

Blog Revamp

Along with election success comes an image spring clean. Readers, please be patient as the last tidying up goes on: small changes still need to be made. The new look is in line with party colours and hopefully easy to get around. Enjoy.

Save our P.O.

SAVE OUR POST OFFICE! Since Labour came to power, 1 in every 4 Post Offices has been closed, with another 2500 to be shut down over the next 12 months. It won’t be until October that we know whether the Ewloe Post Office is going to close for ever. Local Conservative, Will Gallagher, is leading a campaign to save our post-offices, because he believes they provide vital services, particularly to the most, vulnerable people in our society. `To close the village post office would be to rip’ the heart out of the community. I can’t believe that our local MP, Mark Tami, actually voted in Parliament to support this closure programme. There is a better alternative, so that Post Offices can become thriving small businesses again, providing a full range of facilities and services to the local area. At the moment, the government is taking services away from the Post Office, making it more difficult for them to survive.’ The Conservatives have developed a comprehensive plan to support Post Offices, and prevent further closures. Sub-Post Offices need to be given more freedom to offer a wider range of business services; Post Offices could become ‘One Stop Shops’ with trained staff …..

Firearms Chief and Unlicensed Firearm

View the full article at my blog Is this justice? Read more North Wales concerns at: Proper Policing North Wales The PPP, People for Proper Policing in North Wales are a group of citizens from all walks of life, and political persuasions, who are concerned about the direction policing is going in North Wales.

Stupid ~ An Open Letter to North Wales Police Authority

Dear Members, The humiliating epithet that described your chief constable in the 16th November Chronicle, must surely apply to you as the Authority responsible for overseeing an effective and efficient force. You are a collection of JPs, Home Office ‘Place People’, (serving with Home Office approval) and elected councillors, entrusted to serve the people who captured our vote. As allegedly responsible people, why do you allow the chief constable to continue to heap embarrassment on a fine profession with gaffe after gaffe? You dictate the length of this officer’s contract. You alone can mount a discipline enquiry into his continued poor judgement and together with other unfortunate mishaps; you know why he was unceremoniously removed as the ACPO spokesperson on traffic issues. I possess a letter signed by a former chairman agreeing that the chief constable had been intemperate in lashing out at me through a letter’s page when I chided him in a column over his performance years ago. His Authority agreed to offer him advice! Mr Brunstrom’s collective failings makes him barely fit to hold the office of constable let alone be allowed to continue to lead a major Welsh force ( Should I be the judge? Who …..

Rhodri’s Queue for Leeks

Rhodri Morgan queues for Leeks. 6th November found me and publisher Jeremy Mills in the new Welsh Assembly Debating Chamber- the Senedd with 27 copies of “Leeks from the Back Benches”, for the launch by Nick Bourne, the official Opposition Leader in the lofty gallery of that controversial but beautiful building. Having left the Assemlby in 2003, the book covers my personal and professional experience as an AM during the first four tumultuous years of Devolution in Wales. Press, media and politicians had come out in force together with a lone brave Labour AM, with whom I shared the back row in Plenary before I hung up my political boots.No, I tell a lie: an even more distinguished Labour AM presented himself. With the books laid out and people jostling to thumb the pages, I looked up and was startled to see Rhodri Morgan, the First Minister heading the queue. Flattered, I burbled my delight at seeing him particularly in the circumstances! Can’t stay long, he smiled, I’ve got to prepare for Question Time. Archly, he professed to have missed my change of political allegiance from his Party to the Conservatives. Nick rolled up and we all exchanged pleasant banter …..


SAVING THE ALBATROSS.   ‘Albatrosses have survived the harshest marine environment for 50 million years; more than 100 times longer than our own species. However, these magnificent birds are unable to cope with the man-made threats, such as long line fishing.   Albatrosses should be free to circle the globe for millions of years to come- we must stop this needless slaughter now to prevent an entire branch being torn from the evolutionary tree’.   SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH, BROADCASTER AND NATURALIST.   A MIRACLE OF EVOLUTION, ABLE TO ROAM THE OCEANS WITHOUT A PAUSE….   Amongst the largest flying birds, weighing up to 25 lbs. The Wandering Albatross has a wing span of 11 feet and live for 50 years or more. It will go on foraging trips five thousand miles long to feed its chick. Their breeding pattern is not kind to increasing their numbers. They lay one egg only that can take 70 days to incubate and another 10 months for young birds to fledge. For over a year each parent in turn makes frequent trips of up to five thousand miles, for days on end, to bring food back for the hungry chick. The breeding cycle is …..

Peter Hain for Labour Deputy?

Although Rhodri Morgan is deeply immersed in the problems of keeping his party in power in Cardiff, and frantically attempting to find someone from the ‘Rainbow Coalition’ to keep his government afloat, he was on the ball when he threw his support behind Harriet Harman for the Deputy Leadership contest. Peter Hain’s website gives a slideshow of which MPs and AMs are supporting him. Not that many considering that the Welsh Secretary should be able to rely on his numerous Welsh MPs and AMs. Paul Flynn MP, a man I rate has changed his mind but the ever moving blurb on the website does not go into detail. Not surprising really!Peter and I were great chums during my first fledgling steps across the Labour Party threshold when I was picking my way to becoming a candidate to stand as an AM. Whenever we met, he would tease me that I had arrested him when I was a Metropolitan bobby and he was the great anti-apartheid supremo. I have no recollection of feeling his collar although I had been on duty when the police almost lost the battle of Grosvenor Square, when the American Embassy almost fell to an angry mob. …..

Blair extracts his revenge on Sleaze Watchdog. Zimbabwe re-visited?

According to media coverage, the head of the Civil Service has accused Tony Blair’ of taking the single handed decision to not to re-appoint Sir Alistair Graham, the chairman of Government’s ethical standards committee. As Sir Alistair will not be allowed to stay on from April, This is the first step to effectively close down this important Government Watchdog. The word ‘revenge’ is on MP’s lips. Informed opinion believes the committee will wither without an effective chairman and thus a vital instrument to check and balance overweening arrogance of our political masters is now in serious jeopardy. Tony Blair’s determination to oust his critic; a man in high office just doing his job for once chimes ominously with Robert Mugabe’s appalling response to the violent beating of his political opponents at a Prayer Rally. With Morgan Tsvangirai and 13 members of the Democratic Opposition lying in a Harare hospital, suspected fractured skull, together with ripped ears and broken limbs, Mugabe response to his western critics, was ‘go hang’. How monstrous that human rights play no part in the Mugabe regime. How monstrous that our Prime Minister seems ready, albeit at a much lesser level to tell us that when it …..