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WHERE EVER CAN WE FIND JUSTICE? (Is justice for Eddie Gilfoyle getting closer?)

(This blog is my own opinion & is not associated with any aspect of being an elected member of the Local Authority.) It’s so refreshing to help bring about change & make a difference to other’s lives but stress & frustration of trying to do the job of an elected member in this Authority is seriously getting me down, Three residents have lodged complaints over unacceptable delays by officers in responding to enquiries, two having waited over 5 months & I suspect that these complaints will soon be winging their way either the Information Commissioner or the Ombudsman or both. I’m feeling good because Eddie Gilfoyle’s miscarriage of justice is creeping closer to mount another appeal. Matt Foot, Eddie’s long term lawyer has been given notes made at the scene of wife, Paula’s suicide in 1992; which Merseyside Police denied ever existed. It opens up further avenues for Matt to explore so he came back to me for inside force policy & procedures. I know how the system worked as although suspended as an Assistant Chief Constable as I had dared to mount a discrimination action, I know the top officers & I know how evil they can be. Nothing …..


The Christmas tree & decorations were taken down with the same yearly uneasy level of anticipation; will the lights work & will anyone be around in 12 months time to enjoy them? The cards ready be finally checked to determine who failed the 12 months survival test. Of course, this is hit & miss calculation when postage charges continue to rise. Years ago, I screwed up the courage not to send one card and made a handsome contribution to a charity. I felt dreadfully guilty every time a card arrived but now, apart from the rare exception when I do reciprocate, charity benefits. This year it was the Salvation Army & the Leprosy Mission. Leprosy can now be cured for £24. How many 2nd class stamps is that? The New Years Honours caused the usual embarrassment to most fair minded citizens and have been a sick joke for years. The awards are so embarrassingly bent! My star prize for the “Seriously Blatant Taxpayers Rip-Off Award”, goes to the Lords Speaker, £101,000 a year Lady D’Sousa. We all picked up the tab for £230 for making her chauffeur driven car wait four hours whilst her ladyship attended the opera a mile …..


Her sudden death is too painful to describe yet so I’ll ease my grief by blogging about amazing recent statements from our senior Labour leaders; including Mark Tami M.P, who claims Flintshire has been “stitched up” over the massive waste burning plant heading for Deeside. This chimes with another accusation. “ All the fault of the previous administration”, bleats, Council Leader, Aaron Shotton. “Our hands are tied” as £71m is the cancellation cost”. Although Flintshire is the lead Authority for the North Wales Regional Partnership, to blame the Coalition for being stuck with just one tender & huge cancellation fees if we pulled out is unfair & basically untrue . Consultants were paid handsomely to advice the Regional Partnership & with our Chief Executive was in the driving seat as Project Head, FCC was the lead authority. Why did they get it all so wrong? Aaron Shotton blames the Deeside incinerator decision onto the Coalition. Waste disposal was aired a committee and if they were not content, Labour cllrs. could have been called in! So who was responsible for bouncing this Authority into the costly Deeside incinerator & ending up with just one tender. A site in Anglesey was earmarked …..