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Brainstorm Ahead

The very nice men from the AA are soon to publish a new road atlas marking the location of fixed speed cameras to help motorists avoid expensive fines. More than three million punters are expected to lash out on this guide, many from North Wales, desperate to avoid further points on their licenses. Of the four Welsh forces, North Wales tops the league for speed tickets and of course, it’s never the really reckless road-hogs, only decent, careful bods like the Spanish teacher who drives the school bus as a social responsibility.   Having been clobbered three times in three months, by infamous ‘Arrive Alive’ vans invariably positioned in sneaky positions close to the 30 mile limit sign and the like, she now drives below 28 mph  concentrating more on the speedometer rather that the way ahead!  The brains behind this obsession with speeders is the controversial Richard Brunstrom; spell check helpfully suggests ‘brainstorm’ and certainly a storm of fines has brought drivers to their knees as the chief Constable is totally unrepentant over his remorseless ‘no speed policy’.  As head of the chief constables’ traffic committee, the force ensures that tickets fly even if the wretched punter wanders even a …..