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The Daily Telegraph eagerly reported the Eva Carneiro discrimination tribunal & published the usual predictable ‘Drinky Poos’ piccy of Eve, eyes rolling, nose in a wine glass with palm trees in the background. Obviously a holiday snap but so what? It helped underline the long list of the failings that Chelsea dragged up in an attempt to discredit her. She’d already turned down £1.2 million offer. What more did the greedy, fame-hungry women want? All this garbage was printed the day before Dr C was due to testify. To spare Jose Mourinho a very embarrassing public trial, next day Chelsea threw in the towel. A litany of most wonderful words of praised her skills, the soundness as a medic & her decision to go on the pitch to attend to the injured player. Of course she had been correct. If the confidential settlement is £5 million, no one is yet sure, Eva scored a hat trick. No one’s criticising her greed now as by then, the skeleton arguments promised a locker full of explosive emails & covert tape recordings that were going to hit the ‘Special One’ from the witness box. Clever girl. She’d collected the destructive emails, worked the …..


Sir Philip Myers, OBE, Chief Constable of North Wales & Inspector of Constabulary’s obituary appeared in the Times in July. His career was spectacular. Aged 39, he was the youngest chief constable in the country when he was promoted after successfully overseeing security for the investiture of the Prince of Wales in 1969. Liverpool born son of a merchant seaman, his first chief constable told him he would reach the dizzy heights of superintendent or get the sack! Known also for keen humour, he once he conducted a Welsh male choir with a leek. Pity such a distinguished officer’s career was blighted not once but twice with controversy, both referred to in his obituary. Former deputy chief, John Stalker’s career took a tumble & my own was persistently stymied by his sexual discrimination of a competent female high police flyer, moi! John Stalker’s career as the deputy chief constable of Greater Manchester virtually ended when suspended when linked with a Manchester business man who allegedly ran with criminals. Why? The RUC did not want to be investigated & John was judged as being far too zealous over his investigation into the notorious “shoot to kill” policy; allegedly operating by the …..


Members of Hawarden Community Council were summonsed to attend the 11th February meeting at the institute. Not sure why we are “summonsed” but the turn out was good. First up was further discussion over the long standing battle between the Chief Constable and Council members to make our chief constable more respectful towards those elected to represent the people. He does not answer letters from our Clerk and in desperation, the Chair of the Former North Wales Police Authority was asked to help. Another rebuff. This Bod no longer has any jurisdiction and why not try a new Crime Commissioner. It’s incredible that a chief constable can just ignore letters. Sadly, as the most senior law enforcer in the region, there was surprise when he pulled out of a prestigious prize giving event in January at short notice for no apparent reason. Those who pay police wages are entitled to both a response to a letter and if an invitation is accepted, then a presence is required or a good reason for the call off should be given. The Chief is clearly pleasing the new Police Commissioner. A member of the now defunct Police Authority learnt that Police Commissioner has …..

Has Home Secretary May lost the plot?

Chiefs , Police Commissioners and now chaps from abroad?! No wonder ex police chiefs are queuing up to get their letters of protest printed. So much is going on in the police service to sound warning bells and to ask who on earth is advising the Right Honourable Lady? I accept that a pay cut for new recruits sounds a bit harsh but after the lean pay years of the 70’s when bobbies were pushed into moonlighting, the starting salary rocketed and police pay became very good indeed But too much now for these impoverished times! But what about the crazy “Police Commissioners” scheme which has created a whole new meaning for ill thought out, unaccountable Quangos? The cost to elect them is a scandal and since the former legal fat cat of the Welsh Assembly, one barrister Winston Roddick, got the job, what has he done? Where is his office and how can he be contacted? His first major gaffe was to tell the public he did not consider the job to be full time? Who checks what he does and how much per hour will his services cost us? Dreadful error, Theresa! I know that failure of Police …..


The prolonged Christmas break has been good for catching up on normal reading other than those ever attention seeking committee papers. The Kindle has been dusted down and loaded up with a variety of E books and all sections of the daily paper browsed at length. I’ve knocked of “Wolf Hall” and “Bring up the Bodies”, both by Booker Double prize winner, Hilary Mantel. But back to what the papers say! Three events of 50 years ago, the dreadful winter, the all pervading smog and the Profumo affair have been well aired in my newspaper this week. The winter of 62-63 was truly grim and snow fell until March one paper recollected. I couldn’t remember that level of detail only that most of the winter was unforgettable as it was the first I had experienced on the streets as a Metropolitan bobby I joined in April 1962 and the summer gave way to being trained as a bobby; all nicely ready to hit the beat as the year came to a close. I was given Christmas Day off but had to be back on Boxing Day and at the age of 22, was faced with the daunting journey from Norfolk …..


Bobbies are never keen on making notes and will do the minimum if not at all to record an event. So I eyed that detailed & highly polished account of the “Pleb-gate”journal that appeared soon after the 19th September encounter with suspicion. Pure cunningly strewed “verbals”, I thought. Bits of the truth mixed skilfully with the embellished bits! The carefully crafted account of Andrew Mitchell’s run-in with the gate keepers had two goals; one to ‘goose’ the chief whip and the other to see him off if, as the script writers feared, this powerful peddle pushing minister decided to seek revenge against uppity gate-keeping Plods and ring the Commissioner. Surely not? Now its clear which side the Commissioner is on; the troops of course, but the bobbies weren’t to know that! I can’t wait to find out the whole truth. Who decided to send the Ruislip email? Who worked on the wording? Didn’t they know that every email is traceable? Had they forgotten that CCTV was running and witnesses would be captured. “Mr Helpful Damning Emailer”, the officer who pretended to be at the scene has been “goosed” too by the gate-keepers. The police need a Christmas miracle to magic …..

Police Commissioners! The Pros & Cons.

Having had a torrid time from 1995 to 99, as an elected member of the North Wales Police Authority, I accept the system as I saw it just did not work. All those years ago, the Merseyside Police Authority was probably as bad as the North Wales Authority and I doubt that much has changed for the better. In that Authority, the Chair and another Cllr, both senior Labour politicians were so extremely hostile towards my police equality case that I won in the High Court for being unlawfully suspended. “Lord Justice McPherson gave that telling statement,” There’s a smell of unfairness about this case”. Having served Merseyside diligently for 8 years as an ACC, as soon as I mounted a discrimination action against the force in 1990, I was ditched and humiliated by the body that employed me. They unswervingly took the Chief Constable’s side & I had to fight two enemies, the police and its Authority. It was going to be fiendishly difficult for my barrister to present the facts that I had been unlawfully suspended. The arguments were like dealing with smoke and mirrors as Police Authority rules were complex and unclear. I was given help by …..

Hillsborough – All In The Line of Duty ??

A week has elapsed since the Hillsborough Panel delivered its findings which left an indelible mark on police and Establishment integrity. Liverpool’s Anglican cathedral was a fitting venue for Bishop James and his panel to confirm what the families of the 96 victims had known in their hearts for years. Coincidentally, this cathedral hosted a Hillsborough memorial service attended, unless my memory is deeply flawed by Lord Justice Taylor and Mrs Thatcher. When “You’ll never walk alone” was played as the service ended I just sobbed, leaving tears glistening amongst the silver buttons on my uniform jacket. I was a Liverpool supporter and when possible, attended all home matches. That afternoon, whilst juggling gardening with keeping an eye on my team’s progress on the telly, the phone rang. My deputy chief who was at the match had run Control Room and reported serious problems in Hillsborough. I changed in to uniform and set off to take control of setting up the dedicated Casualty Bureau. It is a specially equipped phone linked clearing house between frantic families calling in and those at the scene administering to the living and dealing with the dead. The Casualty Bureau helps identify casualties when a …..

Mad bulls

2, PROSPECT CLOSE, EWLOE, FLINTSHIRE, CH 3RL.   6th June 2008. Dear Editor, The slain Mold Bullock and ricocheting bullet. November 2007. The shooting of the Brazilian electrician three years ago and the death of a police officer in Manchester during a training exercise recently are both more serious than the bullock incident. However, when ever police deploy firearms the public must be assured that officers are capable of handling weapons safely and the public is not put at risk. I am aware that all attempts by your newspaper to call the chief constable to account has failed other than to inform you that the matter ahs been investigated. (Full Stop!) But it has been alleged that the animal had been calmed and was with other beasts in a field and yet the creature was killed and another bullet that slammed through a window and into the wall of a near by office. The office could have been occupied and a person as well as a animal could have become victims of the North Wales Firearms Unit. Is it true that the owner of the officer was persuaded not to make a formal complaint? Surely not.! Your Chronicle is right …..

Police Review Article

An Authority’s functions are to ensure that the force is run effectively and efficiently, and to monitor how complaints are dealt with.  It is also the disciplining body for its ACPO ranks and can decide how to address any complaint made against a senor officer. The Police Authority fits uneasily between Home Office, the Chief Inspector of Constabulary and the chief constable, whose total control over operational matters can cause a problem for an Authority.  This model ensures that no one is actually accountable for mismanagement or for poor administration within the police service.  All Police Authorities set the police precept that the local authority merely collects.  North Wales policing costs has rocketed in recent years yet the chief officer still challenged the public to pay more or services could not be guaranteed.  The Authority acquiesced to two years of “begging bowl” strategy, ignoring the potential loss of confidence when promises were broken.  The Assembly continues to increase its share of force budgets yearly but has no say in how the money is spent or to determine if Wales is getting a good deal.The Welsh Assembly is committed to equal opportunities for all, condemns confidentiality clauses and Cabinet minutes are …..