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WHERE EVER CAN WE FIND JUSTICE? (Is justice for Eddie Gilfoyle getting closer?)

(This blog is my own opinion & is not associated with any aspect of being an elected member of the Local Authority.) It’s so refreshing to help bring about change & make a difference to other’s lives but stress & frustration of trying to do the job of an elected member in this Authority is seriously getting me down, Three residents have lodged complaints over unacceptable delays by officers in responding to enquiries, two having waited over 5 months & I suspect that these complaints will soon be winging their way either the Information Commissioner or the Ombudsman or both. I’m feeling good because Eddie Gilfoyle’s miscarriage of justice is creeping closer to mount another appeal. Matt Foot, Eddie’s long term lawyer has been given notes made at the scene of wife, Paula’s suicide in 1992; which Merseyside Police denied ever existed. It opens up further avenues for Matt to explore so he came back to me for inside force policy & procedures. I know how the system worked as although suspended as an Assistant Chief Constable as I had dared to mount a discrimination action, I know the top officers & I know how evil they can be. Nothing …..


The Daily Telegraph eagerly reported the Eva Carneiro discrimination tribunal & published the usual predictable ‘Drinky Poos’ piccy of Eve, eyes rolling, nose in a wine glass with palm trees in the background. Obviously a holiday snap but so what? It helped underline the long list of the failings that Chelsea dragged up in an attempt to discredit her. She’d already turned down £1.2 million offer. What more did the greedy, fame-hungry women want? All this garbage was printed the day before Dr C was due to testify. To spare Jose Mourinho a very embarrassing public trial, next day Chelsea threw in the towel. A litany of most wonderful words of praised her skills, the soundness as a medic & her decision to go on the pitch to attend to the injured player. Of course she had been correct. If the confidential settlement is £5 million, no one is yet sure, Eva scored a hat trick. No one’s criticising her greed now as by then, the skeleton arguments promised a locker full of explosive emails & covert tape recordings that were going to hit the ‘Special One’ from the witness box. Clever girl. She’d collected the destructive emails, worked the …..


The Labour Cabinet’s decision to move all three libraries into Deeside Leisure Centre was “called – in” by a small band of intrepid cllrs. on 8th June. We were asking the scrutiny committee who made the recommendation to Cabinet to reconsider as its wildly unpopular & won’t work. By presenting unassailable facts as to why the scheme would fail, we hoped that at least to give the full council the chance of debating this major change. Hawarden Cllr Carver ripped into the alleged consultation exercise which was neither open nor fair. Cllr Dave Mackie proved the move to the Leisure Centre failed the test of the statutory need to provide a library within 2.5miles to match so many thousands per community. Hawarden & Mancot totally failed this requirement. Brave Cllr Glenys Diskin, Labour herself; pleaded for her Mancot library to be spared & her own party’s decision overturned. My presentation clearly infuriated Cllr Ian Dunbar who loudly announced that a senior councillor’s view of the Leisure Centre was “abysmal.” ‘Do you mean me,” I chirped. “Fame at last”. I had only told the truth, namely the Centre needed a million’s worth of repairs. And now 4 computers against the 18 …..


Some of FCC’s senior officers supervision and monitoring of risk leaves much to be desired & SECRECY REIGNS SUPREME. The Flintshire Leader’s recent FOI request on staff suspensions revealed suspended staff cost the Authority 2000 lost days of work”. This came as no surprise to me. The original complaint went back to May 2012 when I was contacted by an FCC employee who blew the whistle on 4 AD Waste staff, one holding a senior position. The top man owned his own waste removal business & he & three other staff were operating scams including contracts & invoices, the proceeds then allegedly shared amongst themselves. Much council waste materials were also being illegally siphoned off too according to the caller. Although AD Waste had a councillor board member, plus a prestigious firm of Auditors, it happily did its own thing. As long as freebies for mostly Labour handouts and trips kept on coming, no one rocked the AD Waste charity boat. Whistle blower had seen the removal of valuable metals, batteries, etc all nicked from the Council depot under the noses of the top boss. He wanted justice & he came to me. Total inertia from the Governance manager when …..

January Blog

New year seems so long ago. First engagement as Hawarden community council chair was the celebration of 10 years of the “Hawarden Walks” on 9th January. Walkers have met regularly in Hawarden Institute, their HQ, for 10 years. The walks; ” 60 minutes rapid or slow, or 90 minutes brisk. Something for everyone. The original pioneers of this remarkable success story, including Colin Herbert, were introduced along with Walk Leaders, sporting Day Glow jackets depicting their names. Colin, the chief Hawarden Walker Supremo & Heather, Institute manager produced a cake. We enjoyed a joint blowing out of the 10 birthday candles. Over the years, thousands of walks have been enjoyed. No one is too old, dogs are welcome & the spirit of friendship of the walking fraternity is strong.mI recommend anyone who feels lonely, to give them a try. You’ll be impressed. BLUE BADGE BLUES. A stressed Mrs S rang just before Christmas. Her very immobile husband learnt, out of the blue, that his Blue Badge,(BB), was to be withdrawn in January. Her attempts to get some sensible response from Flintshire officers failed & she was being bounced from one department to another. Hubby was completely grounded without the badge. …..

Welsh Government’s Creditability incinerated And Goals Galore!

Hawarden High School’s Annual Service of remembrance is always moving. The standard for the 7th November event was as high as ever. The most prolific contribution for reading & singing came from a pupil I had interviewed for a Rotary Outward Bound course. This was the icing on the cake to help her goal of becoming Head Girl. Goal achieved. She & the Head Boy read out the list of the fallen. Last Post sounded & a deep silence descended. Clapping was reserved to the end of the service and it was well deserved. MY GOAL. My goal as Chair of the Community Council was to march in parade from Gladstone Playing Fields, climb the steps of Hawarden Cenotaph & lay a wreath without falling base over apex in front of a large crowd. No big deal surely? It’s less then a mile & 5 steps up and 5 steps down! Marching had been off limits because of dodgy legs; plate in ankle, full knee replacements, two previously ruptured Achilles’ tendons & worn back discs. Infuriated when a weighty Cllr bellowed across the room at a Civic Service a few months ago, “you seem to be less mobile than you …..


Sir Philip Myers, OBE, Chief Constable of North Wales & Inspector of Constabulary’s obituary appeared in the Times in July. His career was spectacular. Aged 39, he was the youngest chief constable in the country when he was promoted after successfully overseeing security for the investiture of the Prince of Wales in 1969. Liverpool born son of a merchant seaman, his first chief constable told him he would reach the dizzy heights of superintendent or get the sack! Known also for keen humour, he once he conducted a Welsh male choir with a leek. Pity such a distinguished officer’s career was blighted not once but twice with controversy, both referred to in his obituary. Former deputy chief, John Stalker’s career took a tumble & my own was persistently stymied by his sexual discrimination of a competent female high police flyer, moi! John Stalker’s career as the deputy chief constable of Greater Manchester virtually ended when suspended when linked with a Manchester business man who allegedly ran with criminals. Why? The RUC did not want to be investigated & John was judged as being far too zealous over his investigation into the notorious “shoot to kill” policy; allegedly operating by the …..

End Game in sight for Cllr Patrick Heesom?

The views from Mold Crown Court 3 are stunning. 1st April, All Fools Day lived up to its name as the panelled court room hosted almost as many lawyers to field a football. team with the judge nice-ly placed to keep goal . Cllr Heesom’s team were led by barrister Mark Henderson, his junior, & the genial Michael Murphy, Patrick’s first barrister who had tenaciously represented him through the long months of the tribunal which started in 2010 & which finally ended in July 2013. Of course Patrick was found guilty and suspended from councillor work for 2.5 years. The PSOW ‘s Panel had, as expected done its work. Team Patrick’s managers, Boss lawyer Martin Howe and trusty partner Kieran O’Rourke looked positively ordinary compared with the robes of bewigged barristers. The assembly of the PSOW’s team was led by QC! He’s funded by the taxpayer so spend, spend, spend. What’s another million or two to sustain the dreadful Welsh Ombudsman. He’s beetled off to Dublin to cause more misery over there! His Registrar, Stephen Phipps his faithful henchman sat quietly at the back, doing just that. Sitting ! No idea why? Mr Justice Hinkinbottom, sans wig, was alert. Encouraging …..

Quest for justice grinds on.

Councillor v Councillor and only one winner! The one who tells the truth. He was interviewed under caution by North Wales Police on 21st December (2013). The first detective assigned the case got bogged down in long court case so detective officer Shaun took up the perjury investigation against Cllr Arnold Woolley. Much thought went into my statement as the story is complex and goes back to 2009. Those who are familiar with this blog, which has lain dormant for months; should be told that Arnold Woolley lied on oath before an Adjudication Ombudsman’s hearing. Arnold kept a hand written diary and the two entries involving me were wicked porkies for I had never complaint to him that Cllr Patrick Heesom was a bully. The fact Cllr Woolley returned from the Colonial Police Service almost broke was discussed in my tribunal. When he unexpectedly became Leader of Flintshire County Council in 2008, the Woolley finances improved dramatically as Leader’s remuneration is generous and he wanted to keep that golden goose a laying. As I had volunteered a statement supporting Patrick Heesom as the Welsh Ombudsman, now known to be as odious as Woolley, I had to be seen off. Patrick …..


The summer recess has been joyous but sadly the Monday Planning site visit broke my holiday torpor fanned by an article by my most despised politician. ( no, worse even than Edwina Hart, maverick Welsh transport minister). Tony Blair had been given free rein in my paper & arrogantly made out a case to attack Syria. He is still in denial over his craven decision to go to war on flawed facts. His views were cleverly brought down to earth by the Times cartoonist who showed two badgers in their sett, with a silhouette of a marksman with weapon cocked, framed in the entrance. Badger one was reading the “B Liar” article, big grinning teeth & topknot sketched in, whilst distraught Badger 2 was wringing her paws under a caption, “Hasn’t TB caused enough death as it is !?” If not humiliating enough, the following day’s lead letter was from GENERAL SIR MICHAEL ROSE who wrote, ” I was surprised that you gave so much space to Tony Blair’s views on Syria. It’s like having an arsonist advise on how to put out a fire he lit”. When the Labour Party was refashioning itself with its “Third Way”, all those …..