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“NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE”. Top Bosses not in control nor is the cost for consultants known! Flintshire Leader 22/1/16. On 2711 :16, observers at the first Audit Committee of the year will have learnt several important things about how this local government they may not have known before. Our high earning top team appear not to be able to operate without eve more expensive consultants to hold their hands & no one can prove if they are value for money. Accountability seems non existent and “where the buck stops” in this Authority remains a mystery! The Labour Cabinet who are responsible for all governance is in denial. Not only they can1 seem get a firm grip on this Authority’s finances, they don1 seem to care if their Directors ignore their policy designed to monitor use of consultants and by so doing run up enormous bills. Incredibly, although no one knows the true figure for the latest lot, believed to be £2.8 MILLION OF PUBLIC MONEY. Labour’s main goal is to protect their senior officers and fail to call them to account despite such profligate spending, yet again on more conSUltants. £3 millions was the consultant bill in 2010, 4 years …..