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Letter to the Leader

My letter, regarding the recent Conservative election victory in Ewloe, as printed in the Flintshire Evening Leader: “Dear Editor, Conservative May Day Triumph. Would you allow me to use the letters page to thank all those in the Ewloe Ward who voted me back to serve them again. I still have my original Councillor identity pass, enjoyed happy memories of being part of a local politics between 1995 and 1999 and to return to serve the community again is something I relish greatly. Several large Labour scalps bit the dust last night and I offer some sympathy for those who lost their seats but much is wrong with Flintshire and change was well overdue. Despite having the reputation of being a warrior, I still believe that working with all parties for the good of the community is far more productive than conducting tribal party battles and that teamwork, regardless of the party one supports is the proper approach to local politics. May I thank my Conservative colleagues who made my victory possible. Now that the Welsh Conservatives have greatly increased their numbers and will be part of the new ruling administration in Flintshire, I am very thrilled that my Party …..

Election Diary- The End game.

28th to Election Day to 1st May 2008. On Monday afternoon, taking time off from shoving leaflets though doors, I met with Paul DAVIES, an ex superintendent from North Wales Police and John Iball. Both of whom are Ewloe residents and the main players in the Action Group that had successfully lobbied to abort the 7 lane Aston Hill road scheme.  “But the road needs improvement, I argued, and where do we go from here?”  They did not know. Knocking on the doors in the high employment Ewloe ward realistically means grabbing the few hours between getting home from work and sitting down to an evening of Telly watching. Smells from kitchens wafted out of every house that opened the door to me. I selected an area I thought would be fertile Tory territory and was invariably rewarded by a positive response. Many indicated I had their vote. By 7.30, it was time to pack in as a major football match was about to start on television. 1st May dawned bright and sunny but with a biting wind. Mike and I finally met our major opponents outside our two Polling Stations. We learnt that both candidates had positioned themselves close …..

New look campaign.

Campign Updates

Since my feverish haste to submit my election papers on 25th March, that first vital step to return to local politics, I’ve been far away from the campaign trail. Vietnam and Cambodia are now just visa stamps in the passport and warm memories of paddy fields and temples, water buffalo at work and thousands of scooters streaming across the major cities. Back to earth and to Ewloe on 10th April, to learn that work still had to be done on our joint campaign news letter; the first salvo that introduced me as the new competitor for a the Ewloe seat together with my running mate, Mike Warburton the current Conservative councillor for that ward. 12th April. St David’s Hotel car park. Great relief when Will Gallagher, the Conservative Prospective Parliamentary candidate rolled up with a large pile of badly needed “Ewloe matters” leaflets hot from the press. Now all Mike and I had to do was to deliver them to the 1900 plus residents we needed to persuade to vote for us. By 12 15pm, I had pushed the first batch through letter boxes and had drawn blood as a result. I soon discovered that most of the newer doors …..

Campaign for Change

Join me campaigning for change in Ewloe. I have come out of political retirement to fight for change in Flintshire, standing as the conservative representative. Help me in my campaign with your vote on May 1st. You can download the party election leaflet below to read details of our campaign and fill in our quick questionnaire for change to make your views heard. Download election leaflet here: [download#4]