Continuing Ombudsman Tribulation

Long time no blog? Delayed by time warp!

Only the Labour Welsh Government wantonly squanders public money on their precious Ombudsman, or to give the latest bearded post holder, his official title; the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales. Nick succeeded Peter Tyndall who was was whizzed off to a cosy billet back across the Irish Sea in 2010? Blogs Passim have speculated on the reason for this seeming hasty retreat. Blogs Passim have also chronicle Tyndall’s decision to personally investigate me for dubious code breaches. Sending me to a totally biased Adjudication Panel when I was undergoing cancer treatment must have been his finest hour.

That encounter with the PSOW in 2009 was expensive & stressful but yet again, PSOW no. 2 has singled me out for more underwhelming bias. I wrote a blog last April & expressly stated it had nothing to do with my role as a Cllr. My blog objected to the dreadful behaviour by a Dan Rose, a volunteer with Capricorn Animal Rescue & some Committee members. Dan & gang descended upon Sheila Stewart’s house one evening & tried to throw her out of her home & attempted to close down any further association with her own charity. Their well documented behaviour seemed incredible but true. Capricorn’s good name was being tarnished & the public was entitled to the other side of the story. Although the blog was posted in April, only in July was I told I was under investigation. The Ombudsman eagerly accepted Dan’s complaint, admitted he had not examined the facts, gave me no chance to explain my position; & then he arrogantly judged my blog to be inappropriate. He then put in his Corporate Bully’s boot good style by decreeing that should any further blog attract complaint then I risked a further code breach. The Ombudsman had clearly lost the plot over the Dan Rose complaint. Seems article 10, that protects. my freedom of speech was simply ignored.

The blog complaint should never have been accepted by the Ombudsman. Dan & chums proper redress was to the civil courts, but he knew he didn’t have a case. Why did the PSOW interfere in the non Cllr blog ? Who knows but I suspect that some one in the know tipped off Dan to try his luck with the Ombudsman! “Bingo”. The “O” bit. The chance of closing down my Intemperate blogging once & for all was a prize not to be missed.

With Welsh Government slashing funding, why do they squander some £3 million of public money on a scheme which is mostly used to muzzle hard working cllrs, ably assisted by shockingly unfair codes of conduct, rather than doing anything to protect elected members to do their job; namely challenging waste & calling incompetent officers to account. Flintshire County Council led by Labour Cllrs Shotton & Attridge is now virtually unaccountable. It’s really worrying & Cardiff cares not a jot!

My residents are keen to establish the true cost of the enormous damage to the former A & D office in my ward. The building was virtually wrecked last February by gypsies & has been up for sale for months. Unilever, holders of the lease when the travellers struck, apparently agreed to pay for all the damage.( I still have the emails). Why then is every enquiry over who has paid what is met with the “Commercial Confidentiality ” cop out excuse. I have that sinking feeling the tax payer will bear the entire brunt & that global company who tried to hike up the cost of Marmite, may well have its own agenda. We need to know.

On 19th October, a couple of weeks after a simple hip operation, the Grim Reaper came a calling as I had failed to register I was having a heart attack late one night. Me, Attack, impossible. The only clue was a dull pain at the root of the mouth thus eleven hrs had elapsed before I summonsed help. Two ambulances arrived. I was reluctant to go but knew something was wrong. First port of call was to the Countess but my condition was now judged poor & required the top team. With camera in arm, off we set for Broad Green Liverpool hospital who have the expertise to deal with a seriously clogged up heart. What a predicament I set the medics! The recent hip op made the usual procedures used to get the heart flowing again risky as these treatments could have caused the hip to haemorrhage. So by trial & error & enormous skill, the heart was persuaded to pump again. I am now the possessor of a stent and a possibly dodgy heart. Bad luck of course but next of kin have been stood down & readers will have realised I’m far from finished yet.

I have one appalling case of discrimination & harassment by Flintshire finest that I must deal with what ever happens to me as its wickedness haunts me. It’s dragged on for years against a former member of staff who was wrongly dismissed by one of the most discredited directors ever employed by this Authority. This facts are so dreadful, I will not rest until justice is done & those culpable have been publicly shamed. I just don’t know how some people can live with their consciences. (To be continued).

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