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Continuing Ombudsman Tribulation

Long time no blog? Delayed by time warp! Only the Labour Welsh Government wantonly squanders public money on their precious Ombudsman, or to give the latest bearded post holder, his official title; the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales. Nick succeeded Peter Tyndall who was was whizzed off to a cosy billet back across the Irish Sea in 2010? Blogs Passim have speculated on the reason for this seeming hasty retreat. Blogs Passim have also chronicle Tyndall’s decision to personally investigate me for dubious code breaches. Sending me to a totally biased Adjudication Panel when I was undergoing cancer treatment must have been his finest hour. That encounter with the PSOW in 2009 was expensive & stressful but yet again, PSOW no. 2 has singled me out for more underwhelming bias. I wrote a blog last April & expressly stated it had nothing to do with my role as a Cllr. My blog objected to the dreadful behaviour by a Dan Rose, a volunteer with Capricorn Animal Rescue & some Committee members. Dan & gang descended upon Sheila Stewart’s house one evening & tried to throw her out of her home & attempted to close down any further association with her …..