WHERE EVER CAN WE FIND JUSTICE? (Is justice for Eddie Gilfoyle getting closer?)

(This blog is my own opinion & is not associated with any aspect of being an elected member of the Local Authority.)

It’s so refreshing to help bring about change & make a difference to other’s lives but stress & frustration of trying to do the job of an elected member in this Authority is seriously getting me down, Three residents have lodged complaints over unacceptable delays by officers in responding to enquiries, two having waited over 5 months & I suspect that these complaints will soon be winging their way either the Information Commissioner or the Ombudsman or both.

I’m feeling good because Eddie Gilfoyle’s miscarriage of justice is creeping closer to mount another appeal. Matt Foot, Eddie’s long term lawyer has been given notes made at the scene of wife, Paula’s suicide in 1992; which Merseyside Police denied ever existed. It opens up further avenues for Matt to explore so he came back to me for inside force policy & procedures. I know how the system worked as although suspended as an Assistant Chief Constable as I had dared to mount a discrimination action, I know the top officers & I know how evil they can be. Nothing was ruled out by my Opposition; in my case which even stooped to doctoring files & re writing official minutes. If they can do it to one of their own, poor Eddie didn’t stand a chance. I felt good that Radio 5 Live gave me 20 minutes of air time to hit the wrong doers with both barrels; outlining my contempt for disgusting tactics that are now unraveling.

Our Prime Minister in waiting should have gone further when she had the tighten up police discipline procedures. Although the medical retirement route to escape justice is now shut, Mrs T should have really nailed bad cops & made discipline failings retrospective. Think about the most recent miscarriage, Hillsborough. The unfairness of the situation; the force spent millions defending their chief & the litigants had to fight every inch of the way to get that well deserved result. I believe Eddie is innocent & I look forward to the day the Merseyside top cops I once served with, get their comeuppance at long last.

Tony Blair wickedly irresponsible “Private War” is now exposed. I was right to leave the Labour Party in 2003 as I was not prepared to remain member with T. Bliar in charge. Good call by me. I hope the army families do get him before a civil court. If he’s worth £60 millions, it’s worth the effort

My final ‘feel good mood’ comes from playing some part in getting a local family rehoused to another area & out of the clutches of a bullying female nutter who harassed the family & terrorised the kids. I don’t know why Housing Department doesn’t go after this destructive resident. They have the procedure to do do, I’m sure. I’d really like to know why we are not using them as the dreadful behaviour should not be tolerated.


I don’t feel so good at missing a good day out. As I’ve walked the dogs around the area as the Fair was being erected, it’s been interesting to see how much work goes into setting up the rides & stalls. My job on previous Carnival Day was to help out on the hamburger stall which is one of the busiest on site. It seems that however many boxes of burgers & bags of frozen onions are ordered, it’s never enough. The onions just vanish but the burgers still fly off the Barbi without the succulent sposh of the gooy onions. I had a meeting which clashed so I could not change my appointment. I hope the dreadful weather did’nt ruin the day. Well done to the Community Council team for preparing the field so well & all the many helpers including the important task of collecting all that rubbish

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