The Daily Telegraph eagerly reported the Eva Carneiro discrimination tribunal & published the usual predictable ‘Drinky Poos’ piccy of Eve, eyes rolling, nose in a wine glass with palm trees in the background. Obviously a holiday snap but so what? It helped underline the long list of the failings that Chelsea dragged up in an attempt to discredit her. She’d already turned down £1.2 million offer. What more did the greedy, fame-hungry women want?

All this garbage was printed the day before Dr C was due to testify. To spare Jose Mourinho a very embarrassing public trial, next day Chelsea threw in the towel. A litany of most wonderful words of praised her skills, the soundness as a medic & her decision to go on the pitch to attend to the injured player. Of course she had been correct. If the confidential settlement is £5 million, no one is yet sure, Eva scored a hat trick. No one’s criticising her greed now as by then, the skeleton arguments promised a locker full of explosive emails & covert tape recordings that were going to hit the ‘Special One’ from the witness box. Clever girl. She’d collected the destructive emails, worked the hidden tape recorder to exhaustion & all she had to do was to climb into the witness box & spill the beans.

I too had taped my biased bosses leading up to my own discriminating tribunal many years ago too but foolishly accepted the Opposition’s kind offer to enhance the tapes. Guess what? They all came back blank. Thankfully, technology has got better.

To take on this huge club & win was no mean feat. Her career as a club doctor has probably ended for ever. No club will risk employing her again for fear of what evidence she may be secretly collecting behind the scene! How she’ll deal with this stressful period is now the challenge.

I know. I travelled the same road of sexual discrimination over 25 years ago when I took on Home Office & 2 police forces. The same ‘Drinky Poos’ picture of me appeared & the list of my never ending faults hit the papers daily. The smear campaign hinted that I was permanently pickled & a good time girl to then I didn’t mix well with colleagues & rarely enjoyed partying. Fault: My engaged light outside my office was on too long! Fault: I hadn’t shelled out enough for the Chief’s numerous farewell bashes.

Home Office et all settled too but unlike Chelsea I was put through a prolonged stint in the witness box. Only when it was my detractors’ turn to testify came the collapse. The Daily Mail, no admirer of mine, sent a reporter to Spain to hound me on holiday & reported my settlement was a million pounds. A wicked lie made to show I was after the money.

The truth was a settlement of £10K & an grudgingly enhanced medical pension. I was earning £45k a year at the time & could have coined in this huge sum & more for a further 12 years before I was due to retire. Readers, you do the maths. Even after all these years, my pension is reviewed regularly to see if anything can be snatched back.

Having held the rank of ACC alone for 6 years, the highest rank ever achieved then by a woman, the flood gates opened after my case as if by magic, females were suddenly able to do the job of a Chief Constable. My kicking down this discrimination doors for senior women has gone from strength to strength & at least two women are at the pinnacle of senior posts, higher than the rank Chief Constable

With no 5 million pound cushion, I was lucky to find a political door opening for me. At times, the hours & the stress was worse than when I was in the ‘Job’. Starting an industrial tribunal had destroyed some women who wished they’d put up & shut up rather than face the humiliation & character assassination. I had knew I had to prove irrevocably I was a good at my job as as an Assistant Chief Constable or that door would remain firmly shut for other aspiring women.

The good doctor should hang up her medical bag & enjoy the well deserved kicking of footballing men. It’s time for me to retire completely too & enjoy the far lesser proceeds of giving the police service that good kicking too.

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