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This is not the first whistle blower who has contacted me. Over the years, there have been a few. I understand completely why the writer dare not disclose a name. The top bosses would not be amused. The letter is balanced, very factual and the writer makes several points that must concern us all as its public money that is going on consultants.

I am deeply disappointed to have so many bleak home truths about how Human Resources and other staffing issues have now been verified. I can recognise the “Yes Men” but I did not know that this Authority was not taking care to hang onto its experienced staff or that speaking out is regarded as being a trouble maker.

Are managers so out of touch? Are some consultants used to shift the blame? Are consultants being used with vested interests in mind such as jumping ship into the cosy world of the well-paid consultant? Are more capable staff being overlooked and less competent officers promoted as they don’t rock the boat? These are very serious and worrying allegations.

This letter is not malicious. It is imploring members to get involved and to stand up to be counted.

I accept that heading up a large Authority that has had to deal with years of brutal cuts is very difficult. I accept that the large number of redundancies that this Authority suffered, will mean that the best staff may go too. I accept that in all probability the whistle blower will be dismissed as some anti-labour nut case! May be I’ll be accused of writing it myself!

I have decided to publish it in the hope that some good will come of it.

The Audit Committee will be receiving another report on the use of consultants in July. I hope they whistle blower’s comments will not only be noted but also acted upon.

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