Capricorn Animal Sanctuary’s future is now ‘Rosy’.

One of the best known faces seen regularly in the local press belongs to Sheila Steward, founder of Capricorn Animal Rescue & Sanctuary. It’s this wonderful charity’s thirty third year of taking in & saving animals. I’ve wept when we read how little Carrie succumbed to dreadful injuries & years of abuse despite a valiant battle to save her; rejoiced when a badly neglected creature, rescued from the jaws of death is nursed back to health & a caring home is found. The charity is unique as it takes in anything from an injured bird to a starving pony. Where would we be without Capricorn’s incredible work since 1983? Sheila started young when in London, she accepted all sorts of creatures brought to her by the local police. A ride on the police horses & visits to their stables was her reward.

A really thorny issue blew up in the form of Dan Rose, a volunteer only but this man has created enormous havoc in the life of rescue sanctuary, added it’s true to say by his very strange female volunteer group. It’s barely believable what happened on the evening of the 29th,July 2015, Dan, a Jan Caswell, a Vikki & a Maureen all ganged up on her & demanded that Sheila should open a large envelope. When Sheila refused it is alleged a shouting match started caused, it seemed from Jan’s fury that Sheila refused to take the package. Two police officers arrived, having been called by Dan seemingly as his personal backup in case of anticipated trouble.

Both Dan, Jan et al, then allegedly lost the plot; insisting that Sheila must have no further contact with the charity, no further use of social media, she was going to be evicted & had 48 hours to clear out her property as they, Dan & female acolytes were taking over the charity. Where was this amazing scene enacted? Sheila’s own house! The Bobbies buzzed off. Not a police matter.

Sheila records that during a terrifying 40 minutes, Dan demanded all the computers & vehicles keys & with her screwdriver, failed to remove the charity computer hard drives. After more threats to take away all the animals & birds, the ‘Dan Gang’ finally left but not before sneaking off with all essential keys that had to be replaced by a locksmith. This dreadful episode naturally affected Sheila health but there’s no respite with the 24:7 work of the charity, she & her true & faithful volunteers pressed on but Dan & cronies still plotted to wrest Capricorn from its rightful owner.

Roll forward to an “extraordinary general meeting” in Hawarden on 2nd December 2015. Concerned members flocked in to be greeted by the meeting instigator, Dan Rose who in the absence of the chair, (indisposed but no one said why), took on this mantle of chair and self appointed Capricorn spokesman for everyone. He proceeded to undermine the work of all the properly appointed trustees, acting if had morphed into the position of chair, secretary, (rightfully held by Sheila Stewart), plus the treasurer, who had resigned as things deteriorated & of course, the proper trustees.

Capricorn members just didn’t know what was happening. The Dan Rose fan club were in full voice to denigrate years of hard work. No mention of the chair, Jan C; who been in the thick of the unpleasantness in Sheila’s house last July, had previously resigned the post. No. Correction. Records show two resignation letters, the last one dated before 2nd December. Naughty Dan told a “porky-pie” about Jan’s status & no mention made of how he was going to explain serious allegations of misplaced funding or hi-jacking Capricorn’s official Facebook page. (Seems by telling further porkies, he had managed to put the charity page in his name). Who knows,

Sheila, Kevin & John Chester’s, long time & thoroughly responsible & caring volunteers have steered the charity away from the reprehensible & seemingly dangerous clutches of Dan and discredited chums. Capricorn members attended a properly called AGM in January 2016 & the Dan Rose seeming duplicity began to unravel. The December EGM was unconstitutionally held & despite the charade of holding office, in truth it was more than a time wasting vanity parade of ill meaning people whose agenda appeared to close down Capricorn Animal Sanctuary.

Kevin B, a real friend to Sheila & Capricorn, is now the rightful chair & the Charity Commission has recently approved the appointment of the new trustees & given Capricorn the vital nod of approval. After the now discredited non EGM, trying to make progress I emailed Dan Rose & suggested a meeting with whomever to find a way forward. Nothing heard. The serious allegations in the solicitor’s letter remain unanswered as does the real mystery; what was Dan Rose’s real agenda?

Various rumours alleging abuse of & cruelty to the animals, remain unproven. The Veterinary Practice that provide all the charity’s needs are fully supportive of the charity. It’s suggested that if Dan & gang had overthrown the current regime, look elsewhere for veterinary care!

Faith in Sheila’s work has been rewarded by being nominated the annual charity for some extremely important backers. The new trustees must now decide how to deal with the individual who nearly wrecked a good woman’s life work. Watch this space- more to come.

(I have written this on my own accord as a keen supporter of Capricorn, but of course, I have the signed facts & necessary records).

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