Bathroom Spray Battle

‘The battle of the bathroom spray holder. Time to pull the plug on SG JOHNSON, a global firm, & it’s useless product.

When I purchased a new Sense & Spray holder plus several squirty refills last July; for nice bathroom odours, I had no idea the unit was not fit for purpose & the company, S G Johnson, a global family company would prove to be totally disingenuous, if not downright dishonest about their dumpy cartridge holder’s failings. the original bottle

Once empty, it was impossible to fit a new refill. Struggled for ages so decided to buy another to find out how it worked as no instructions were provided.

Problem no.1. Having scoured every store in the vicinity, including shop who had sold it, my holder was no longer on sale.

Problem no. 2. When I contact the firm’s customer services, this mega global family firm showed its true colours. They refused to recognise the holder. Both codes on the refills were provided plus a photo of my holder. Customer Services said that the picture did not arrive so I sent it again. “Now you have the picture why don’t you just send me a replacement,” I demanded. No, they don’t send things out, a voucher would be sent”.

“Are you thick?” I snapped down the phone, “no shop stocks them”. “Nonsense”, was the repost, “they are available”. Voucher arrived but it was only for the refill & I have four of these already.

Mark Tami, my MP was rapidly consulted. I told him I suspected my holder has been withdrawn as faulty but they were refusing to admit this. Proved I was right in the end.

It took two letters from Mark to Johnson’s & he pleaded with this ghastly company, ‘just do the right thing by Ms Halford’. A day later, Anna rang from the firm. She still persisted in stating the model was available. I hung up on her. She rang again & finally admitted the holder had been withdrawn. “Put that in an email”, I snapped ” & my lawyer will be in touch”. Anna rang again. “Would the MP withhold any more letters & a new holder would be sent in a week”.

A bulky envelope arrived next day containing two very sophisticated totally different holders that ran on batteries & looked like miniature urinals. When placed on the top of the throne, they hiss automatically & squirts spray which sounds like an angry dragon when you get within range. My four spare refills fit this ugly holder & when they are used up, the hissing contraption will be binned. I’m not wasting more on this unethical outfit. the new bottle

Now, recent survey has slammed all indoor spray products & has warned of the dangers of cancer. In future, I’ll just open the window.

I hope all SG Johnson’s customers will do the same & boycott their products. They told porkie pies & tried to fob me off by refusing to own up to selling an item not fit for purpose. Thanks to Mark, my MP, their bog standard attitude & mean attitude was called to account.

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