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Months ago, after a Council meeting, Leader of the Council. Aaron Shotton pronounced that I was a dangerous woman. He refused to elaborate,nor did he trouble to reply to my questioning email. Having assessed my dangerous status, it’s odd he whipped off an email to me in which he showed total solidarity with the Chief Executive. Via an earlier email from the head legal officer, who was writing on behalf of the CE, I learnt that I was “victimising, bullying & harrasing his chief officer who in turn had decided that he may not continue to attend any meeting when I was present so as to lessen the opportunity being further ‘attacked’. The officer earns £146K with pension rights. The head legal officer also indicated that his boss was looking at his options & one of them was to take legal action against me as his employer. This & other veiled threats had also been shared with my Group leader & of course, this sort of thing is far closer to bullying me & not the other way round. I was naturally worried & asked for reasons why the CE felt he was being bullied & I asked for the …..

Bathroom Spray Battle

‘The battle of the bathroom spray holder. Time to pull the plug on SG JOHNSON, a global firm, & it’s useless product. When I purchased a new Sense & Spray holder plus several squirty refills last July; for nice bathroom odours, I had no idea the unit was not fit for purpose & the company, S G Johnson, a global family company would prove to be totally disingenuous, if not downright dishonest about their dumpy cartridge holder’s failings. Once empty, it was impossible to fit a new refill. Struggled for ages so decided to buy another to find out how it worked as no instructions were provided. Problem no.1. Having scoured every store in the vicinity, including shop who had sold it, my holder was no longer on sale. Problem no. 2. When I contact the firm’s customer services, this mega global family firm showed its true colours. They refused to recognise the holder. Both codes on the refills were provided plus a photo of my holder. Customer Services said that the picture did not arrive so I sent it again. “Now you have the picture why don’t you just send me a replacement,” I demanded. No, they don’t send …..


Read the letter here: Letter to Alison from Unknown PDF This is not the first whistle blower who has contacted me. Over the years, there have been a few. I understand completely why the writer dare not disclose a name. The top bosses would not be amused. The letter is balanced, very factual and the writer makes several points that must concern us all as its public money that is going on consultants. I am deeply disappointed to have so many bleak home truths about how Human Resources and other staffing issues have now been verified. I can recognise the “Yes Men” but I did not know that this Authority was not taking care to hang onto its experienced staff or that speaking out is regarded as being a trouble maker. Are managers so out of touch? Are some consultants used to shift the blame? Are consultants being used with vested interests in mind such as jumping ship into the cosy world of the well-paid consultant? Are more capable staff being overlooked and less competent officers promoted as they don’t rock the boat? These are very serious and worrying allegations. This letter is not malicious. It is imploring members to …..

Capricorn Animal Sanctuary’s future is now ‘Rosy’.

One of the best known faces seen regularly in the local press belongs to Sheila Steward, founder of Capricorn Animal Rescue & Sanctuary. It’s this wonderful charity’s thirty third year of taking in & saving animals. I’ve wept when we read how little Carrie succumbed to dreadful injuries & years of abuse despite a valiant battle to save her; rejoiced when a badly neglected creature, rescued from the jaws of death is nursed back to health & a caring home is found. The charity is unique as it takes in anything from an injured bird to a starving pony. Where would we be without Capricorn’s incredible work since 1983? Sheila started young when in London, she accepted all sorts of creatures brought to her by the local police. A ride on the police horses & visits to their stables was her reward. A really thorny issue blew up in the form of Dan Rose, a volunteer only but this man has created enormous havoc in the life of rescue sanctuary, added it’s true to say by his very strange female volunteer group. It’s barely believable what happened on the evening of the 29th,July 2015, Dan, a Jan Caswell, a Vikki …..