I’m delighted to say something nice about my Labour chums for a change, but sadly, not for long. Well done to Welsh Government & officers & Labour of Flintshire Council for assisting in the £7 million awarded by Toyota to power up the Deeside plant to build the next generation of hybrid engines. A hefty Welsh Government grant also eased Toyota’s decision to continue to invest in Deeside but even so, it’s a big vote of confidence in the work force. They have the skills & commitment to bring on the engine for the new crossover model. Thumbs up for British industry ably led by the car workers of North Wales.

There is a well established rule that states If an elected member does put in an appearance for 6 months, they are councillors no more. A diligent Tory member noted that the Gronant member had not surfaced for 6 months at County Hall & a search through Council or Committee agendas drew a blank. No mention anywhere. A clear no show for certain. It was the Gronant member who had breached the six 6 month rule, so that should have been end of of Gronant cllr’s career! Not if you a Flintshire Labour councillor, oh no! The issue had to be decided by the Constitution Committee & Labour Cllrs arrived mob handed ready to use their voting muscle to keep their gal on side. No one knew why their member was absent so long. Has she upset someone important? Surely not! I’ve only met her once & I feel rather sorry for her. Some one should have been guarding her back. Better come over to the Conservatives. She’s new for heavens sake!

Labour opened the batting with Blustering Bernie, incandescent with righteous fury that missingperson had actually turned up somewhere, some time. Quite happy to reach for the bible to make his point that she had attended on a certain day. Was she wearing a Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak? There should have been loud, thunderous & prolonged cheers for the orators which included impassioned pleadings from ‘Godfather’ Alex who believed a dreadful signal would be sent to aspiring female councillor candidates if the 6 month rule kicked in. She had to stay! Up next was Leader Aaron who felt that coming to council meetings was of little importance really & brownie points should really be awarded for ward work or whatever. So failing to turn up at County Hall for elected members business for over 6 months was just fine. Let others do the donkey work.

Without the slightest speck of embarrassment or contrition the Labour Cllrs supported by another pro friendly Cllr happily voted for the rule to be overturned. to So, it’s alright for councillors to turn up twice a year for a minute, sign their names & collect £13.300. Alex Aldridge, Aaron Shotton & Bernie with his bible, have lost a huge amount of respect. It’s not just a matter integrity of an elected member, it’s really cheating the voter who deserve more. To quote a particularly enraged member who is shocked by the whole unseemly affair, his view is £13,300 a year for a couple of signatures shows terrible political judgement which has compromised all councillors”. ” He quipped, just think, I can fly to Australia, fare £650, stay for 5 months, 29 days then nip back to County Hall for another quick signature & back I go again.” “Best part is £6000 per trip to spend as well”. Harsh criticisms maybe but true. It’s was a “dark day indeed for democracy in Flintshire. The 10 Labour councillors plus the non Labour councillor who overturned the rule, should really consider their positions too.

Of courses, the scam’s “Private Eye” so Flintshire’s featured in Rotton Boroughs again. What with the fall out building over the £2.8million use of consultants row, & an amazing whistle blowers letter that dropped on the mat recently, which blows a huge hole in what is financial going wrong in Flintshire, there must be more to come. Dear Reader, you could soon be the lucky one named shamed just for sneakily passing on a private email to a VIP. Tales of Bullying, victimisation & harrassment by a very naughty person could all be on the menu anytime soon? Private Eye, watch out!

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