Sir Philip Myers, OBE, Chief Constable of North Wales & Inspector of Constabulary’s obituary appeared in the Times in July. His career was spectacular. Aged 39, he was the youngest chief constable in the country when he was promoted after successfully overseeing security for the investiture of the Prince of Wales in 1969. Liverpool born son of a merchant seaman, his first chief constable told him he would reach the dizzy heights of superintendent or get the sack! Known also for keen humour, he once he conducted a Welsh male choir with a leek. Pity such a distinguished officer’s career was blighted not once but twice with controversy, both referred to in his obituary. Former deputy chief, John Stalker’s career took a tumble & my own was persistently stymied by his sexual discrimination of a competent female high police flyer, moi!

John Stalker’s career as the deputy chief constable of Greater Manchester virtually ended when suspended when linked with a Manchester business man who allegedly ran with criminals. Why? The RUC did not want to be investigated & John was judged as being far too zealous over his investigation into the notorious “shoot to kill” policy; allegedly operating by the RUC officers against the IRA after the deaths of six men at the hands of the RUC. Stalker blamed Myers for his downfall & although returned to duty, his career was over. Stalker’s finger of suspicion pointed firmly at Philip Myers, & rightly so. Sir P, seemingly had a dark side to his nature which stopped Stalker finding the truth about the IRA shoot to kill policy & cynically killing the upwards career path of the first woman to join the ranks of ACPO.

He alone was in the best position to ensure my nine attempts to obtain promotion to the rank of deputy chief constable failed or succeeded. All through the 1980’s, he was the HMI, for Merseyside, who happily accepted my groundbreaking promotion. The HMI was a crucial link between my force & Home Office who held the key to all senior promotions.

I dreaded his yearly inspections. I bought in the whiskey knowing that at some time before 7pm during the visit, a small commotion at my office door signalled the arrival of his gofer who would wheel boss in to interview me. After a desultory chat about my areas of command, I would dutifully produce the glasses which I even more dutifully replenished until at some appointed time, I would, yet more dutifully walk a now staggering Sir P to his car & aided by his driver, pour him into the back of it. Sir P never criticised my work, on the contrary, he expressed pleasure. When my failed applications for promotion mounted, he always expressed surprise & thought everything I commanded was fine.

As the knock-backs stacked up, & no reason why was forth coming, I plucked up courage & taped him. As my whiskey flowed, listening & not imbibing; I learnt I was a splendid officer with a glowing career ahead of me. When my Industrial Tribunal read his appraisals of me, I finally learnt of his gross duplicity. He was guilty of rank sexual discrimination against me.

Comparison of my yearly appraisals with my peers was astounding. His assessment of a far less experienced male, with none of my 20 yrs Metropolitan police & 6 years as an ACC experience to rely on, proved him to be stark discriminator. Pejorative words, such as ‘abrasive & anti social’, were reserved for me whilst ‘D’, waggy-tailed blue eye boy was described always in glowing terms. Of course, it helped that D & the chief constable holidayed together.

My taped conversation of Sir P, in drinking mode was a stumbling block to Home Office, who were respondents in my Sexual Discrimination action. Home Office volunteered to use their expertise to have the recording enhanced. It came back totally blank!

Fate intervened with the Stalker/Myers episode? I retired after my tribunal & was snapped up by a Manchester law firm employed by John Stalker’s alleged criminal business friend. I must keep to of rules of confidentiality, but the rogue business man’s criminal connections used as the excuse to suspend Stalker were completely untrue. He was a decent & upright business man & unless my memory is a fickle thing, he died shortly after his reputation was corrected. Shock of what happened to his friend John & to him? Who knows.

I recall from my reading the case papers that his records had been sadistically embellished & facts gravely massaged to damage the business man’s reputation & of course, their main quarry, John Stalker. They massaged & corrupted police files in my tribunal too. (Perversion of the course of justice, so what). Old habits died hard. I once met John. He told me the truth about who held the guns. Sir Philip would have had a heart attack if he had known.

Both John Stalker & I had two things in common. We were senior police officers and both were brought down by an Establishment entrusted to behave with integrity. As the years roll by, more & more wicked deeds & duplicity emerge, associated with our public bodies & agencies paid handsomely to protect society.

Sir P’s chosen “Blue-Eye boy promotion” ended in tears. Wrong to talk ill when misfortune strikes but rumours exist about a car in a ditch, whiskey galore & a broken man behind the wheel. If true, that’s sad.

Promotion is a two edged sword. How many times in my former profession has the wrong candidate being selected to the highest level. If they are not up to the job the burden becomes too great. Disaster follows. Home Secretary May has all the names. I have a few!

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