Recently, the “Today ” programme featured a appalling rape case where the assailant still had not been sentenced after 11 court appearances & none of the multiple agencies would come on air to explain. Labour’s Victim Adviser, a former DPP muttered this was rare but offered no solution . “The Standard”, the local free press ran story after story of convictions, but in instances when a caution might have been the answer. Carer steals from 100 year old victim when she hit a financial brick wall due to domestic problems. Now she has or stump up a hefty fine. Stealing is wrong but adding to the debt may also end in tears.

The celebratory victims are still reeling over the cost of funding legal fees after being acquitted & one sex charge against MP Nigel Evans was slung out as no contact had been made with the alleged victim. Quite important ingredient that I would have thought.

So, the CPS do prosecute as they did successfully against Max Clifford. I was on a TV Moral Maze years ago & he chivalrously defended me against a nasty creep who clearly did not like me. He ticked creep off thoroughly. I sought his help on another occasion but he did not return my call. Nothing to do with the fact of course, I’m not celebrity with a juicy story to tell. Another idol I once respected falls off his perch. 8 years Goal. At 71, that’s a lot of time to do.

Another idol, in the eyes of the public, not mine, I hasten to add that still to fall. Step forward Cllr. Arnold Woolley. The CPS has ducked prosecuting him even thought the case was declared open & shut by the lawyers who witnessed his down fall in the witness box when he finally admitted his journal was not true. NWP investigated and of course, the CPS decides the result. The evidence against him is damning. His hand written journal with two lying entries involving me,& FOUR appearances on oath at two tribunals, several months apart is just some of it. As stated, only after one heavy cross examination over the truthfulness of his journal did he admit that his journal was wrong. His excuse,”memory is a fickle thing”. Yet, still in denial he sent a bullying email to Cllr Bernie Attridge in 2011, threatening legal action if Bernie persisted in suggesting that his evidence at the Cllr Heesom Tribunal was false. Despite all this evidence,( & see yet more below),the CPS decided that ” Having reviewed all the evidence, I had concluded that Cllr Woolley did not wilfully give false evidence to the Tribunal”.

So there we have it. To recap, Arnold handed over his false journal willingly to the Ombudsman. In March 2010, he was asked repeatedly by both the Chair of my tribunal and by lawyer in cross examination, if he knew the meaning of contemporaneous and was he absolutely sure his journal was a correct account? Yes & yes, & yes again. Confident, arrogant and patronising rolled up in one. He finally agreed in September 2011, the journal could not be correct. The lawyers have all the tapes of all his sworn testimony, and his attitude and replies have been described as arrogant, combative & totally assured. The CPS could have called for any transcript that was required.

Well, he fooled the Ombudsman “who believed the journal to be contemporaneous and a fastidious account of the facts”. He fooled Cllr Heesom’s panel who admitted although it was not contemporaneous any more, they still believed him & his rotten journal anyway; so that ‘s alright too.

It’s so wrong that an elected member can get away with a criminal offence that so harmed me, a fellow Cllr & one time friend. I do not seek revenge. I do not seek retribution. I just wonder what ever happened to those much vaunted Nolan Principles which state that those in public office must adhere to high standards. Sadly, Arnold still has the brass neck to serve on the Audit Committee and on our Standards Committee. It gives me no pleasure to feel that he is a disgrace to public office. My case is now being reviewed by another department of the CPS. I wonder what the next excuse will be?

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