Quest for justice grinds on.

Councillor v Councillor and only one winner! The one who tells the truth.

He was interviewed under caution by North Wales Police on 21st December (2013). The first detective assigned the case got bogged down in long court case so detective officer Shaun took up the perjury investigation against Cllr Arnold Woolley. Much thought went into my statement as the story is complex and goes back to 2009. Those who are familiar with this blog, which has lain dormant for months; should be told that Arnold Woolley lied on oath before an Adjudication Ombudsman’s hearing. Arnold kept a hand written diary and the two entries involving me were wicked porkies for I had never complaint to him that Cllr Patrick Heesom was a bully. The fact Cllr Woolley returned from the Colonial Police Service almost broke was discussed in my tribunal. When he unexpectedly became Leader of Flintshire County Council in 2008, the Woolley finances improved dramatically as Leader’s remuneration is generous and he wanted to keep that golden goose a laying. As I had volunteered a statement supporting Patrick Heesom as the Welsh Ombudsman, now known to be as odious as Woolley, I had to be seen off. Patrick was going to be found guilty of code breach and thus, the same treatment was lined up for me.

At the hearing, I was unable to prove the journal was false when Woolley took the oath and lied happily in front of me at the hearing. I was found guilty but not punished by being stripped of being a councillor, a fate that befell Patrick Heesom.

Readers will know I was finally able to prove the journal was untrue . It will also be known that the Ombudsman refused my complaint that Woolley had lied on oath yet put me under investigation again for bullying the fragrant Arnold because I has written to him asking for the original journal as I was considering having the nasty document forensically examined.

Arnold also gave more contradictory evidence about his journal and me when he became the Ombudsman’s witness against Patrick Heesom. Three times he was called to the witness box and under a barrage of questions from Patrick’s lawyer, Woolley admitted that he had confessed to another Cllr that the diary was wrong but he did not bother to correct this major blunder and finally admitted that “memory is a fickle thing”.

Only after Patrick Heesom was found guilty on last July by the what seems to be the most allegedly biased lawyers in the Principality,who cosily sharing a practise in South Wales, were the transcripts released to North Wales police.

I made two complaints; the perjury of course but another equally serious malfeasance in public office when the Ombudsman’s Head of Information made a grave error & seemingly deliberate error over a vital email about costs. This email was not in the Ombudsman’s bundle of evidence against me but popped up in Patrick’s bundle & he was cross examined hard by the PSOW’s barrister. Even if the email had been left out inadvertently, difficult to believe as the thread of emails shows only the vital one missing from the middle of chain. The Head of Investigations was present at the hearing when I produced the missing email to the Panel. A clever colleague has recovered it from my computer’s service provider.

The file was sent to the CPS middle of February but a wall of silence has since fallen on the investigation. I have learnt that North Wales Police don’t comment until charges are laid. Amazing! Didn’t stop the local press reporting that Patrick Heesom was under investigation by the PSOW right at the start of the kangaroo enquiry in 2009.

The Metropolitan Police newspaper phone tapping enquiry was heavily reported well before the CPS was involved. The Times front page just as week ago reported on an MP, rejoicing in the name of Bone; is accused of fiddling mother in laws residential home costs. His file was with the CPS. I’ve waited since 2009 to clear my name and still I wait. I have been the female victim of what could well by a conspiracy to denigrate me. I lost votes at the last Local government election, I had to stump up &10K plus in legal fees & stood down from being a director of a well known local charity.

My reputation has been harmed and I could have been barred from holding public office for up to five years. Arnold Woolley sails on as a member of the Audit Committee, which I chair and this really rocks me as he is a member of the select Authority’s Standards Committee with its role of overseeing elected members indiscretions.

Why is he offered such protection? Nothing to do with the fact he was a star witness against Patrick Heesom, as the Ombudsman was totally hoodwinked into believing that the “Journal” was a contemporaneous account of events and was meticulous in its detail. Once Arnold is exposed as an unreliable witness in both tribunals, Patrick and I will be victorious. I also suggest that the PSOW’s procedures, only practiced in Wales is so biased the system must be scrapped totally.

The Establishment has another little problem that must be causing angst! The Heesom tribunal chair was a newly appointed judge who made some stunningly difficult to believe statements & decisions. Of the many Councillors, including myself that give evidence for, including a character reference for him; only the witnesses who testified against Patrick were believed. The learned Judge ruled that although the hand written journal may not have been contemporaneous, Woolley’s evidence was still trustworthy! Wow. On top of all Cllrs who gave evidence for Patrick not being believed and the Judge was familiar with the transcripts of my hearing and how Woolley agreed on oath that the journal was both contemporaneous and fastidiously accurate; there is something truly wrong with Hywel James judgement

Although Peter Tyndall has been eased out of Wales and back or his native Dublin and his mendacious Head of Investigations sneakily retired from his well paid post, seemingly when the plot began to unravel, will they be called to account and when?

I have a feeling that Arnold’s incredible luck will hold & no charges will be laid. Too many public heads will roll if the proper decision is made. What will be the reason for not proceeding?. Too long delayed, not 52% certainly of successful prosecution or even the “catch all”, not in the public interest? As the evidence is so strong and the case so serious, maybe all three excuses will be trundled out!

No matter. Justice must be done even if I go down the civil action route. The despicable allegations against me both by the Ombudsman, his side kick, Andrew Walsh and the odious Arnold must be challenged. I or my lawyers will never give up nor should we. Flintshire does’t need mendacious Councillors particularly if the only excuse for cynical denigration of Patrick and myself is only on feeble excuse of a fickle memory.”

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