Aqua class, Village Hotel, my Tuesday routine when council work allows. Now into recess so grab my usual spot and take no notice of grey haired man wallowing in the shallow end playing with children. Soon a fellow swimmer bounces over to me. “Isn’t he the first minister,” she warbles. Too far away for me to be sure. Waddle over & tune in on Mo, the instructor asking him to leave. Pool booked for Aqua only. Not having seen Carwyn for 10 years, and certainly not without clothes, threw me for an instant but I recognised the voice as he asked if he had to leave. Graciously, he & family accepted Mo’s explanation & he took up residence in the paddling pool whilst the ladies continued to hog the main pool.

I waddled over to the submerged minister, “Carwyn, come and join us”, I called. Head popped, “Alison”, he replied at once shaking hands. No difficulty with his “Instant Recognition” skills. “I’m too big”, he jested and flopped back into the kiddies pool. I waded back to my spec, watched by eye rolling ladies. “Yes, it’s the first minister,” I confirmed. I told Mo she had ordered the First Minister of Wales out of the pool. She went red and we were then all subjected to a punishing routine that left us grasping with the effort. We were all trying to impress the First Minister now!

Class over, Carwyn began his serious swim in the big pool. My mind was racing, dare I ask his help over the long promised acoustic fence for my ward. How else could I break the arrogance of his Transport Minister, the awful Edwina Hart who had ignored fellow Minister, Carl Sergeant’s plea to allow the fence to be erected; a promise due by the end of last March.

Residents were desperate for relief from noise well is allegedly in excess of legal limits. I took the plunge, apologised profusely & told him his presence was a gift from God. Would he help call Edwina to order? I gabbled off the long history of my endeavour to get the fence approved only to be thwarted by “the grudge bearing, never play fair, give the goodies to South Wales”, Ms Hart. He listened intently. “I’m ringing my office this afternoon, he said. I confess I did not entirely recall what he said but he gave me some hope this long drawn out saga could finally end. I thanked him profusely, waded away and left him enjoying the deep end.

Nothing more I can do. Edwina broke a ministerial promise, Carl has not been able to make her see reason and now the problem is with the First Minister. “Carwyn, this was a real break for me. Please don’t let my residents down.”

Good news followed good news. I’ve waited for since 2011 for North Wales Police to call in the transcripts on my perjury allegation and now Det. Supt. Hanson is back on the case. He now has the added complaint that the Ombudsman team dealt me a nasty blow to my honesty by withholding that vital email of 17th February, 09, yet it was in Patrick Heesom’s evidence bundle as it was harmful to him. If Martin Howe is right, all the police have to do is compare various Adjudication Panel transcripts and the perjury is proven, done deal. Thus, vacancies should soon occur on both Audit Committee and the Standards Committee.

Why give perjured evidence! So unnecessary, so wanton and so arrogant. And “those mills of God have been grinding. Time will tell if they grind exceeding small.”

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