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Asparagus & Child Abuse!

Three years ago, on a whim, I ordered some asparagus plants. They were squeezed into a series of containers with roots so long, I struggled to get the soil depth to cover them. All I had to do was to wait three years and when matured, I could start cutting. Amazingly, they all survived their modest surroundings; that is until that snow a few weeks ago. It’s frustrating. Having resisted the desire to cut even a single spear but just allow the fronds to wither, it seems that not all have survived the deep freeze. A holiday in Aigues Mortes in the 80’s started the passion. Miles of sandy, almost desert like soil produced rows of sentinel spears, standing proudly from this grey & hostile earth. We ate asparagus at every meal. Not sure I will be eating my crop at every meal, but the three years have flashed by. The years since the Waterhouse Child Abuse enquiry was held in Ewloe’s former council buildings,under the stern gaze of Sir Ronald Waterhouse, have also flashed by. “Private Eye” was bursting regularly with speculation over who was a Freemason or not! The jury was out on Sir R & other gentlemen …..