Members of Hawarden Community Council were summonsed to attend the 11th February meeting at the institute. Not sure why we are “summonsed” but the turn out was good. First up was further discussion over the long standing battle between the Chief Constable and Council members to make our chief constable more respectful towards those elected to represent the people. He does not answer letters from our Clerk and in desperation, the Chair of the Former North Wales Police Authority was asked to help. Another rebuff. This Bod no longer has any jurisdiction and why not try a new Crime Commissioner.

It’s incredible that a chief constable can just ignore letters. Sadly, as the most senior law enforcer in the region, there was surprise when he pulled out of a prestigious prize giving event in January at short notice for no apparent reason. Those who pay police wages are entitled to both a response to a letter and if an invitation is accepted, then a presence is required or a good reason for the call off should be given.

The Chief is clearly pleasing the new Police Commissioner. A member of the now defunct Police Authority learnt that Police Commissioner has agreed to a 4% increase to swell NWP’s coffers still further. The Authority refused to increase months ago as the forces’ balances were very healthy. With pressure on so many householders, the Authority did not want to inflict more financial pain. I’m told the NWP reserves are now some of the largest across the UK. With so short a time into the job, I thought that some caution and prudence should be applied by the new boy! Not necessary it seems!

Get out your spades- the allotment will soon arrive.

It’s taken over 4 years of searching and asking but a suitable site has been secured with but planning consent. Work is going on as speed is required by members who have tasked our brilliant resourceful and highly professional Clerk Noel Barnes. Sadly, strong resistance to the scheme from a local Mr Nimbi has occurred but the allotment will be an invaluable community asset and the waiting list for plots is long. If there had been any proper access it would have been snapped up by a voracious developer so at least we have cheated the bricklayers from concreting over yet more green space.

Healthcare in intensive care?

It’s going to get even bleaker on the Health Care front in North Wales as major changes have been agreed without all services being in place to cope with the changes. A new system was tried in Denbigh which was passed as being O.K. for Flintshire but apparently what we are going to get was never the same as being explored in our neighbouring county. Beds will be dramatically reduced for those hospitals that are allowed to remain open. Arrowe Park on the Wirral will deal now with neonatal care. Ewloe is 15 miles away from Arrowe Park & 20 minutes away by car. Will NHS transport be provided or do Mums and kids get on the bus?

If you go by bus it’s going to get tough. The return fare for a child and a parent to travel just over the mile between Ewloe and Hawarden was a mind blowing £7.10p. Not good news for the low paid.

Annual Valentine Day nightmare. 14 February 2009.

Sadie dashed across a road on that day and a leg required amputation. I collected her on 17th February and she was so shaved and sewn up I thought she would not survive. As the evening progressed, I had a gin or three. Angry and frustrated, I foolishly sent late night emails to my best mate, one Arnold Woolley. They were seen as a gift to the Ombudsman team who deftly used it to prove I had misled him.

My Tribunal case is history but the end still has to re-written and it will not be a happy story for the public Services Ombudsman as I have been badly wronged. Furthermore, Cllr Patrick Heesom’s tribunal started in August 2010 and is not settled yet.

Some of those late night emails actually were helpful to me but they were never submitted in the Ombudsman’s case papers against me. I did not twig the reason at the time and only when I was listening to the closing cross examination of Patrick Heesom’s panel last October and my emails were put to him, I realised they must have been deliberately withheld from my tribunal papers.

Andrew Walsh, the ex police officer realised that one email weakened his case so why not leave them out? In his wildest dreams he could not have imagined that I would be at the tribunal at the very time my emails were being explored and that I would have realised why this vital piece of evidence was withheld from me.

Why is Patrick’s Panel case still running? Who is delaying? Is it the Panel or the Ombudsman? With something like £3m of public money pouring down the drain, someone needs to explain and soon!

The judge promised a result in the New Year. I should have asked him which year he was aiming for!

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