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The Virginia creeper adorning the ancient walls of Soughton Hall had turned an even more stunning shade of scarlet by the last day of Cllr Heesom’s marathon tribunal. Of course, this is just the hearing of evidence from witnesses and from Cllr Heesom. When he was released from the oath, the Panel withdrew to consider if they had any points that needed clarification. They trooped back some 20 minutes late and both the Judge and Peter Davies had lined up questions on timing of the documents Patrick had received all those years back from the Ombudsman’s investigation team. It seemed important that Patrick had not received all the documents he needed to mount his defence? Patrick was allowed the last word. What happens next was then explained by the judge. The transcripts will be available to parties by the 26th October but the Ombudsman’s barrister let slip that he had the latest ones already. (Special treatment- surely not”) The Panel won’t make their decision known till the New Year. Too busy yet justice delayed is justice denied. Then a half day to consider any breaches,( what exactly is Patrick going to done for) and another half day to determine his …..