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As September arrived, the Adjudication Panel circus rolled back into the county and set up camp again in 4star Village Hotel Ewloe. The panel require only the best facilities. Its been Northop Country Club, the Beaufort Arms and Sychden Hall. The usual panellists; judge Hywel James, fellow lawyer Peter Davies and a Susan Hurds, who is something to do with the NHS gathered together with pens poised again. My spell checker threw up a very rude word when it found “Hurds” This is the one panel member that the suggested alternative word is not appropriate. The Chairman is the sleek, imperious chap who takes no prisoners when demanding answers and looks as if he jogs. His physic is in total contrast with his “henchpersons”who flank either side of the panel table. Both are very proportionate and are suspected members of the pork pie club. I was impressed to see Peter Davies in jogging gear heading purposefully towards the front door after a heavy hearing. In green sweatshirt and white shorts, he created quite a dash. A man on another mission I thought other that his usual agenda of asking tricky question of star witnesses, this time: Patrick Heesom. I was …..