Victoria and Harry and nasty deal for Deeside.

How things have changed in the world of royal reticence. I took a week off to visit the Isle of Wight recently and visited Osborne House, the favourite haunt of Queen Victoria & her beloved Albert. I was keen to see the newly refurbished bathing machine with plumbed in loo and big wheels to drag the contraption into the sea. The information placards showed a cut from the film “Mrs Brown” in which Judy Dench played the queen fully clothed in a long sleeved dress & wearing a hat in the water. Victoria cherished her privacy to such an extent that this is what she her female swimming companions did in 1846. What an effort for the bathing maid to deal with a voluminous soggy robe after the royal dip. Contrast this extreme modesty with Prince Harry’s almost full frontal courtesy of the Sun. Ouch! Description beside bathing machine
Victorian Bathing Machine

The Sun’s owner, Rupert Murdock must have jumped for joy when the decision to publish Harry’s Vegas antics fell to him. Bet Lord Justice Leveson will have taken note of the paper’s rebuff to our Queen and may duly reflect it in his forthcoming report on press morals.

Having done stupid things in my life that could have had a critically harmful outcome, I feel for Harry. He is due for an Army admonition which is not good for his position as captain and he will ever be haunted by the infamous image of his hands clasped attempting to protect his manhood. Granny as well as Charles and brother William will not be in the least bit amused at the prince’s antics. If only he could find a wife. He desperately needs a trusty minder particularity as his own royal protection fouled up so badly.

The Commissioner of the Metropolis needs to get a grip of his highly paid, well travelled exotic life styled coppers who stood by whilst the toxic mix of booze, female flesh and early morning partying ensnared the prince so completely. Of course the officers should have confiscated phones and done something to cover the hapless Harry’s nudity even if it meant an officer getting off his own butt and even using his own hat to ensure Harry’s pose was not snapped for posterity and was not now the talk of a tittering world.

Why pay protection officers millions to allow this fiasco to go on under their noses? Protection Officers rules need an urgent re-write. Not only should the goal to secure safety of the prince but its equally important to save Harry from his own wilder impulses as well. Harry is known as a dedicated party animal and his horse play should have been reined in by those paid highly to protect him, from danger as well making himself a public naked twit.

Max Clifford has been approached to help the sales. He says what he has been offered and refused, “is amazing”. Worse images could still be waiting delivery! I shared a radio programme on the topic of morals with Max Clifford years ago and I always thought he was honourable and fair. He knows that Harry has been shafted and thankfully wants no part of it.

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