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Despite cynical muttering from a friend after our Aqua class that the media had driven up the hype on the Torch Relay and why waste time observing such a silly spectacle, I was not going to miss the event. The route was so close to my house, I was determined to get into Hawarden on the torch route as this will be the nearest I will even get to an Olympic event. Dumping the car close by, I strolled into the village by 4pm, over an hour before the relay was due. The Cenotaph was already well staked out and the cafĂ© opposite was doing a roaring trade. The profits would certainly be up on Torch Relay Day. I enjoyed an excellent coffee myself and then staked out my pitch, even finding a convenient bollard to rest backside upon. Sir Willams’s park gates were decked in flags; the sun beat down and the crowds just grew and grew; flag waving and cheering everything that moved. It was a really wonderful carnival atmosphere as anticipation grew as the the time of arrival of the Torch got even nearer. A man with all the photographic gear plonked himself in front of me …..