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Since the 3rd May election, the transition from the Coalition to a Labour led administration has been smooth with Messrs Shotton & Attridge moving into Cabinet mode. They got the majority needed to govern after Tony Sharps abandoned his former albatross Leader and formed an alliance with Labour to put Aaron into the all powerful top slot. No matter! Arnold Woolley came to power when the rightful leader in waiting, Patrick Heesom was denied the job, (Blogs passim) Cllr Woolley still hung on to the leadership role in the most dubious circumstances as have been described (ad nauseous) before. Time for a welcome change! Regular readers will know that Patrick was tossed into the waiting arms of the Ombudsman on a bullying allegation. It will be known that despite the still rising legal bill of over £3million, in an enquiry that started in March 2009, Patrick’s tribunal has still not finished! Its scheduled to resume in September 2012, some three years on. Justice delayed is justice denied will not dent our Teflon Ombudsman Peter Tyndall. Patrick’s Adjudication Panel seem unable to grasp that Patrick’s tribunal should now be stopped once and for all now that a High Court decision was …..


Despite cynical muttering from a friend after our Aqua class that the media had driven up the hype on the Torch Relay and why waste time observing such a silly spectacle, I was not going to miss the event. The route was so close to my house, I was determined to get into Hawarden on the torch route as this will be the nearest I will even get to an Olympic event. Dumping the car close by, I strolled into the village by 4pm, over an hour before the relay was due. The Cenotaph was already well staked out and the café opposite was doing a roaring trade. The profits would certainly be up on Torch Relay Day. I enjoyed an excellent coffee myself and then staked out my pitch, even finding a convenient bollard to rest backside upon. Sir Willams’s park gates were decked in flags; the sun beat down and the crowds just grew and grew; flag waving and cheering everything that moved. It was a really wonderful carnival atmosphere as anticipation grew as the the time of arrival of the Torch got even nearer. A man with all the photographic gear plonked himself in front of me …..