Dear Ms Cole,

You chaired the Adjudication Panel in March and May 2010 that found me guilty of breaking Codes of Conduct and your fellow panel members are now serving on the Cllr Armstrong Braun panel. I would be very surprised if you had not been told that the evidence given at my tribunal by Cllr Woolley was false and that I have reported Cllr Woolley to North Wales Police for perjury. In October 2010, I unearthed evidence that totally undermined an entry made by Cllr Woolley in his handwritten journal in which he wrote that I had accused Cllr Heesom of bullying behaviour. Heesom’s behaviour was at the heart of the case against me. After being recalled three times by Cllr Patrick Heesom’s legal team, I was present on 15th September 2011 at the Heesom Adjudication Panel when Cllr Woolley admitted that the event he had recorded that seriously incriminated me when he stated that I had accused Heesom of being a bully could not have happened and that he had been wrong to write as he did. I had always stated that the journal was false and it comprised the main weight of evidence against me.

My lawyers have the Woolley transcript of his evidevence at my tribunal and it clearly shows that you questioned him at length over the need to tell the truth about the journal. He stated that it was both accurate and a contemporaneous note. The Ombudsman firmly believed that it was both accurate and contemporaneous and said so in the three reports he wrote whilst I was being lined up to face the Adjudication Panel. The Ombudsman believed I was guilty and the fact you also believed me to be guilty was very clear to me even in the opening stages of my tribunal.

Why the the Panel gave me no sanction interested me. This lack of punishment seemed to annoy the Ombudsman who took the unusual step of writing in person to the three local papers to remind me that I had no right to question the finding of guilt or the process that led to that finding.

The harm that the PSOW process has done to me has been enormous in lost reputation and in legal costs and the injustice continues as the Chair of Cllr Heesom’s Panel, Hywel James is now preventing me from clearing my name. He has refused the police use of the Woolley transcripts to be used to investigate my claim of perjury and malfeasance in a public office. The next council election is on 3rd May and I want to clear my name before I go before the Electorate again. It is also an obscene affront to the Nolan Principles that Cllr Woolley continues to lead Flintshire County Council despite being accused of a very provable crime punishable by imprisonment.

As the chair that oversaw the injustice perpetrated against me I would be deeply obliged if you would take all necessary steps that will allow me to clear my name.

Yours Truly,

Alison Halford.

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