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COUNCILLOR CAPERS- Good news at last. 1st !2th March 2012.

The Coalition’s fourth budget of the current administration went through despite being voted down by Labour who complained that it was dreadful. The vote split was 37 to 13. I agree that the Estyn school report and a Welsh Audit Office report were not good. Estyn judged the schools inspection as “adequate”. Welsh Audit Office made uncomplimentary comments about the leadership of this administration and policies were poorly presented. (Both sadly true). Despite the ongoing presence of our heavily damaged Leader of the Council, backbencher members and Executive have made solid progress particularly when we cast minds back to the mess the Coalition inherited in May 2008. Welsh Government seem unable to plan sufficiently far ahead as very late withdrawal of a vital transport grant caused problems and money had to be found and again at short notice, Welsh Government has sliced the Bus Service Operators Grant from 1st April. (More on this in later blog bu it is not good news for bus users.) The budget has been achieved without redundancies or any heavy loss of front line services. The pain of year by year cuts cuts is far from over but council tax increases have been as modest …..


My oldest chum & I jetted out of England bound for New Delhi on a bleak snowy day. We held our breath that the plane would actually take off amidst swirling snow flakes with much snow having been already cleared from the runway. I’d booked club class but in all the years of travelling we were upgraded to first class and spent a comfortable night stretched out on BA’s finest sleeping pods. I’d visited India 25 years previously and really had no strong desire to re-visit; remembering the poverty, the constant press of small children and other beggars tapping on our bus windows and the use of gutters for impromptu loo stops. I felt sorry for the diseased dogs that roamed everywhere, the cows that wandered around the streets (even the airport and I did not enjoy sights of people sleeping on pavements or mixing cow pats for heat and bulding materials. The luxury of the hotels compared with how some Indians live worried me but best friend had developed a deep passion for the county and it was time to indulge her before we both popped our clogs. Most standard tours don’t combine north and south and I wanted …..


Dear Ms Cole, You chaired the Adjudication Panel in March and May 2010 that found me guilty of breaking Codes of Conduct and your fellow panel members are now serving on the Cllr Armstrong Braun panel. I would be very surprised if you had not been told that the evidence given at my tribunal by Cllr Woolley was false and that I have reported Cllr Woolley to North Wales Police for perjury. In October 2010, I unearthed evidence that totally undermined an entry made by Cllr Woolley in his handwritten journal in which he wrote that I had accused Cllr Heesom of bullying behaviour. Heesom’s behaviour was at the heart of the case against me. After being recalled three times by Cllr Patrick Heesom’s legal team, I was present on 15th September 2011 at the Heesom Adjudication Panel when Cllr Woolley admitted that the event he had recorded that seriously incriminated me when he stated that I had accused Heesom of being a bully could not have happened and that he had been wrong to write as he did. I had always stated that the journal was false and it comprised the main weight of evidence against me. My lawyers …..