The Council’s been in recess but started up again in earnest on 4th January with a members review of the demolition of Flint Maisonettes. I had spent New Year in a very soggy New Forest doing a fiendish jigsaw; the subject being owls. I’d bought it years ago for a friend who died. It was a total and absorbing challenge and when upon meeting Joan, my wonderful cleaning lady in the New Year, she told me that she had purchased some too years ago as they stimulated the brain!

Having spent a week on the puzzle & hardly making an impact on all those almost identical owls, clearly my brain is in serious need of re-stimulating. For the time being owls are definitely having the last hoot!

Stormy weather on 3rd January made me delay the return journey as I was just not willing to risk driving in suicide road conditions with 4 dogs in the back of a heavily laden car. Regret I missed the “Call in” but had read the papers and find the timing of this decision very strange indeed. How ever it is argued, it seems that the maisonette residents have been disenfranchised from the Choices vote that the Authority has been preparing for since early 2010. Of course its accepted that the flats are well past their sell by date and decent homes is something I’ve always signed up to in my political manifesto as a priority But all the financial detail the Housing Project Board was given that built up a strong case for Council tenants to vote to move from LA as their landlord as this Council jut did not have the cash to make major improvements. All these costings have been smashed into smithereens and I’m not sure that the Choices document will still be viable.

I’ve been an active member of the Housing Project Board ever since it started and it was tasked to put a fair and balanced bid for tenants to help them make the best choice. It seems that the rules of engagement have suddenly changed. Who authorised the £5K sweeter promised to Flint maisonette tenants. They will lose the protection of the Local Authority being their landlord. How is the money to be found? 2012 is going to be a particularly difficult year in council finances.

It’s rumoured that a legally competent member of the Community and Housing Scrutiny, present at the “Call In” has finally lost patience with officers running rings round elected members. It’s suggested that he’s cross and has the CE’s scalp in his sights! The contest will be interesting. I know from the shabby treatment I’ve suffered, our Head of Paid Service is very well protected indeed. Not sure the smart money is on the member, however experienced as the walls protecting our officers are very high!


Yes, the cost is now estimated at well over £3million & has virtually been confirmed this a true amount. Should it end up in the European Courts; which is a real possibility, the cost could double. It all could be paid for by the legal indemnity that the member is allowed to seek but it’s still public money from whatever pot it comes. And all because our CE invited the Ombudsman to investigate Cllr Heesom for bullying a well paid Director. I met with Martin Howe, Cllr Heesom’s lawyer today. (13th January) and its stalemate at the moment. North Wales Police can’t investigate my perjury allegation against Cllr Arnold Woolley for fear of disturbing a judicial process.

This is exactly the opposite of what is happening in Swansea. The Ombudsman commenced a code of conduct investigation into that Authority member but agreed to park his own enquires to await the police result. Totally the opposite in North Wales. Judge, Hywel James chairman of Patrick’s tribunal has decided to batten down the hatches and seemingly prefers to protect a witness, Woolley who has totally discredited himself under cross examination in the judge’s presence. He simply refuses to release Leader Woolley’s transcripts to the police so they cannot assess these tainted transcripts until his panel have finished their hearing.

The silence from panel as to why the release of documents that contains evidence all given in a public tribunal is deafening. Wagons are circling round the judge’s amazing decision and I am told that I can seek a judicial review if the judge sticks to this amazing decision. Of course, it will be my third JR. Won two and this one is very winnable as I think that evidence speaks for itself.

. Can the judge be challenged? Yes, so says my legal team. I cannot clear my name and this is a black cloud hanging over me. I feel a letter to Justice Secretary,Ken Clarke coming on. Justice delayed is justice denied but what matter!. The plot for my next book is conveniently writing itself. Need to think of a working title. The word conspiracy and callousness should feature somewhere.

Injustice for Eddie Gilfoyle

Eddie Gilfoyle’s suffering continues. That newly disclosed black box containing documents that would have given him a chance to prove his innocence.

It doesn’t get sicker than this. A conviction for murdering his eight and a half month pregnant wife and making her take his dictation for her suicide note send Eddie to prison for 18 years. He’s out on licence as he refused to plead guilty as no crime had been committed. Two appeals were rejected and the evidence of Prof. Cantor was not admitted although the professor finally realised that the police had hoodwinked him over issues relating to this crucial suicide note. Having visited Eddie in goal twice and knowing his brother in law, a former Merseyside bobby I knew that Eddie was not guilty. Nice to be proved right again.

The box containing his wife’s diary and a suicide note with similar words to her own written by a boyfriend was handed over to Eddie’s team in August 2010 having been with the police in 1994 but mysteriously vanishing. Why it came to light now, is not known but I know that the police are very reluctant to throw anything away. Times Journalist Dominic Kennedy who has done so much to aid Eddie’s fight for justice commented on my theory when he rang to break the box news. A recent Radio Merseyside interview with the journalist showed the Criminal Complaints Review Panel appear to be in no hurry to access this latest evidential bombshell.

By sheer coincidence, another box of evidence finally caught up with the senior officer in charge of Merseyside at the time of the Gilfoyle enquiry, James Sharples, QPM, DL. Knighted in November 1996 under “something of the night” Michael Howard, I suspect that amongst other things, it was given for helping Home Office dispose of my equality tribunal which involved that office of State. Muddy waters of impropriety are lapping round Sir James feet. History has amazingly repeated itself for the rotund ex pupil of Balshaws County High School. Jim arrived in Merseyside in 1988 and was still leading the Guildford 4 investigation into police impropriety. He was summonsed to meet the Arch Bishop of Westminster who demanded an audience to put his view on the innocence of the group. From discussions I had with Jim he was convinced that the group had been properly convicted.

Jim confided in me that he was worried that a member of his investigation team had to leave on a medical health problem and the press were already sniffing around. I gave him comforting words but had no real interest in the Guildford 4 apart from the light it threw on police current interview techniques as this was an area I was developing in Merseyside with the help of Dr Eric Shepard, a highly qualified expert in interrogation issues.

In 1993, Eddie’s family complained that the Merseyside police enquiry was flawed. The Police Complaints Authority appointed Lancashire superintendent Gooch to deal with Eddie’s family’s complaints. Remarkably for a police enquiry, the investigation believed Eddie was innocent. PCC staff pressed Chief Sharples to discipline some officers party to the Gilfoyle enquiry. Under extreme pressure he did so but found most of them had not breached discipline although one was cautioned. Despite the extreme sensitivity of this case to Eddie’s family, he promoted one officer just for good measure.

Soon after Jim had had his audience with the Arch Bishop of Westminster, Surrey Police unearthed their Guildford 4 box from the bowels of Surrey Police HQ. Jim was summonsed to London fast and frequently after that and we all know how the Guildford 4 case ended.

Before Gilfoyle and the unearthed box saga, as my new chief, he had promised to write a glowing appraisal of me to support my application for a deputy’s job. The 1989 reference was a damning document that I did not recognise when he told me how much he admired my experience etc. “He “ considered that I was enmeshed in Equality issues which was somewhat of a problem in playing a full part in the management team” I winced at that barb. A nail straight though the heart and no wonder promotion did not happen for me. This dreadful reference was read by me on a new fangled IT system as he failed to realise that our secretaries had access to material on his own computer.

This dreadful duplicity was all published in “No Way up the Greasy Pole, a book I wrote in 1993 about my battle for equality against, Merseyside, my former force and Home Office as the head of the Police Service. Further mention is made in a more recent book, “Leaks from the Back Benches.”

The allegation of perversion of the course of justice by doctoring official files & tampering with the minute sheets, etc. still stands And still all unchallenged! The Guildford 4 enquiry that blew up in Sharples face in the late 80s, must surely come back to haunt him 18 years later in the Gilfoyle case, as its happened again under his watch! New vital evidence came to light in August 2010 but the police apparently had that box since 1994. Then it vanished for the years that Eddie was in prison for a crime that did not happen.

Merseyside Chief at that time: Jim Sharples was due to give evidence against me in June 1992 in my Equality Tribunal. He would have had much on his mind. He was saved from giving evidence by Home Office who pushed my team into a settlement. Home Office’s favourite “Sir” has many questions to answer or will Home Office come to his rescue again?

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