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Attended last Community Council of 2011 and I hate the Institute car park as its a sea of mud and pot holes and the security light positioned to light up the path is erratic. The car torch comes in handy. A journalist and our local CBO, Sian joined us and agenda soon moved to police matters. The Chair of that committee has strong feelings that we MUST always have a police presence although the local inspector has firmly indicated that with stretched resources this is just not possible at times. Before the cuts, we could expect the full compliment of 4 officers. I am more & more disinclined to push for a police presence as it eats into officers’ patrol time and they are little more than messengers taking complaints back to the bosses on historic issues. The crimes that concered two members were missing hanging baskets & a broken window, all having occurred a few days ago. Sian knew nothing of either incident nor was she able to add any more to the collected sum of our wisdom on damage to a member’s van and some other long past vandalism incident. Sian sat making the list & I thought …..