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Progress into my complaint of perjury

Progress into my complaint of perjury and malfeasance in public office against the Leader FCC. Submitted 21st September 2011. Dear Detective Superintendent, Over a month has elapsed and I have heard nothing from you regarding the serious complaint I lodged with your Chief Constable on 21st September 2011. I have an email from the Heesom Tribunal Clerk, Stephen Phipps, which confirms that the Heesom Tribunal will not release the Woolley transcripts until the case tribunal has finished its deliberations. The reasons given are that the Panel has not made up its mind over the evidence given to this tribunal by Cllr Woolley and the Panel will not allow any risk to the Heesom tribunal. I told Mr Phipps that the Panel is therefore refusing to assist me clear my name. He told me that he could not comment. The Tribunal is a civil arrangement. Its procedures are deeply flawed and no protection is offered as is the case with a criminal hearing. Perjury is an extremely grave offence that carries a seven year penalty on indictment. I cannot believe that no investigation will take place until the tribunal terminates which could take until the next council elections in May, 2012. …..