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The Year Rolls On

Another County Council Statement of accounts was presented to the Audit committee on 28th September. Preparation of the entire financial record for the Authority is a daunting task and Kerry Feather and her staff did well in all the circumstances. I winced when our new Auditors, the prestigious Welsh Audit Office found no problem with my old friend AD Waste accounts but I have to believe them. The company has not been finally wound down yet so loose ends are still swirling tantalisingly around, begging questions but still no proper answers. Amazingly, although Flintshire owned it, no landfill was left as a legacy and we taxpayers fund the hike to Cheshire to dump our rubbish. Normally keen to save money I hope this continues as if consent was to dump in this county, the wretched residents of Buckley, Northop and Ewloe would bear the brunt again. The Brock site in Pin fold Lane and the Robin Jones site in the same lane are being eagerly eyed for all Flintshire’s black bag waste. The only other weaknesses related to late payments of pensions to newly pensioned persons. The worse case was a delay of up to three months? Not too good …..