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Knee No 2 and further problems facing the Coalition. August 17h September 2011

Crepitus (nasty grinding noises) was present when my equality case was settled in 1992.  Knee problems are on both sides of the family so the chance of escaping the condition entirely was remote indeed. I reported on the 17th August at the unearthly hour of 7.15am at Gobowen to be  given a new knee by Mr S Karlacki who had examined the offending joint weeks earlier and pronounced the time had come to operate. The waiting room was full.  Patients peeled off and by 11.30am, I was alone with a lady from Ellesmere Port and her spouse.  We were soon joshing with each other to guess who would be at the bottom of the list for the theatre.  Of course it turned out to be me. Progressing to the ward, I was seen by the anaesthetist and told I would be in theatre by 3pm.  Much muttering with new found friend as to why we had been summonsed to the hospital so early as nothing had passed our lips since 9pm the previous evening.  By 2 30pm, I was loosing my cool particularity when new found friend was wheeled off for the appointment with the knife.  Nick, the ward sister …..